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  1. beato

    part 1

    Lol nice shots. My favorites are the one in the smoke and the one just before it.
  2. beato

    78' Veterinarian

    So my dad finally got his dream car which will one day be mine. :sexywink: This pic is from a couple days ago and Thorhammer's car thread inspired me to post it so here it is:
  3. beato


    phenomenal shot. great texture.
  4. beato

    Steroscopic HDR and 3D Rendering

    f this i cant do it
  5. beato

    wires and chimney

    bump for edit
  6. beato

    wires and chimney

    ^could probably use a bit more contrast saturated black and white :sexywink:
  7. beato

    In All This Confusion!!

    1 is just superb
  8. beato

    Hello Mr camera man

    Nice idea. What lens do you use?
  9. beato

    Crazy low priced EF lenses...

    oh alright, thanks
  10. beato

    Crazy low priced EF lenses... I was just wondering if anyone can tell me why these lenses are so cheap. Seems a bit fishy...
  11. beato

    La Raíces

  12. beato


    love 8. awesome shot.
  13. beato

    Ah Chicago.......

    f***ing ridic
  14. beato

    Whoaaa now.

    Reminds me of We are scientists
  15. beato

    Brecon Beacons

    2 is my fav. you are amazing
  16. beato

    sky is the limit

    noisy and a bit pixelated. work on pp.
  17. beato

    Shooting at low iso with high iso film

    thanks guys, i just bought a 400 speed roll
  18. beato

    Shooting at low iso with high iso film

    damnit, what would you suggest? unfortunately its already loaded and i dont want to waste it :/
  19. beato

    Shooting at low iso with high iso film

    im going up the mountains tonight and all i have is 800 speed film. i don't plan on taking movement shots so the speed is kinda wasted. i want to avoid noise and im just wondering what will happen if i set my rebel to 200 iso with 800 film?
  20. beato


    like them both, although i think the background in the first one could be brightened up a bit