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    I forget what the mean and the difference...

    What is the difference between AF-S, AF-D and AF and what do they mean, I've forgotten and cant seem to find the answer. Danke'
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    I just wanna make sure I have this right. it is better the save a photo that you have been working on at the highest color bit? right?!
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    Subtle Differences - Debate

    I understand that the new Nikon D700 is an updated model of the D300 that was released in 2007, however the specs and capabilities of the two camera's are similar though complaringly different. I have found that there are few differences between the two nikon's such as the D700 has less...
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    Printing internet

    I would like to find a place that will print pictures, like Mpix, but will print in gloss. Mpic won't print in gloss, only in metallic
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    Compact Flash

    what is the fastest compact flash memory card? I've heard Lexar and also sandisk... any thoughts? I have a D200 by the way
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    I Need You! opinoin would be nice too-

    I currently have a Nikon N80 35mm would it be beneficial for me to upgrade to a f100 or an f5? (mc-36 remote as well, just a variable to my choice) i was thinking about going classic withe the F3, but the F3 cannot function with the 105 F/2.8 VR lens... I need opinions por favor.
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    Interesting Question I Have!

    There is a Kodak V530, that has been dropped. though I have little knowledge with what exactly happened to the thing besides it was dropped...\ would anyone care to either tell me how the lens is mounted to that body and/or providing a scamatic of the camera and how everything is put...
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    D200 to D70?

    Can a Nikon D70 Li-ion battery work in a nikon D200?
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    What's your Obsession for a photograph?

    My obsession for photography would probably have to be a simple study... to be more precise, bridges.
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    Question-internal focusing w/ a 24-120 afs lens

    the last time I went out shooting, I noticed that the af-s system and internal focus was making a squeek noise whenever af-s was on and in motion... it was cold during this time therefore I figured it was the cold doing it, however I tried it earlier this morning and the samething happend; temp...
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    Am I Obsessed?! Are You in PhotoObsessions Anonymous?

    Am I obsessed with what I do and how I spend my money? Dropping mad-cash for equipment? Wanting/Needing more things to complete a desired quantity? What you have just isn't enough? I have a problem. We need to continue this meeting...
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    Neutral density filters? what is the most cmmon used? .3 .6 .9
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    I need some help with pictures...

    I need a website that I can put my pictures on so I can hyperlink them to here... but I also need them to be safe aka published/copyrighted? anything possible? Danke'
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    Coming Soon A 105mm F/2.8

    For the 105mm F/2.8 VR micro, what would be the best recommended filters? mainly shooting close-ups and portraits.
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    I need help with a Head Shot positive print?!

    more than likely I would assume that the universities and what not, would like a glossy photo of the person in question. however due to the finger print issue... it very well maybe better to have it printed as matte?! depending on the positive print, if it were glossy what would the best way...
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    Remember those AI-S lenses?

    will a Nikon AI-S lens work for a Nikon N80 or Nikon F3? Kinda wondering if the coupling will get in the way?!
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    The Affect?

    I would imagine that two(2) R2 filters on one lens shooting with B&W ISO100 film, normal day, would it intensify the sky even more almost a dark blue to black tent... however my hypothesis could be wrong. has anyone every experimented with this? input?
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    Quick Question...The Better Lens?!

    debating on which lens I should buy, though only a few characteristics are defferent from the lenses. A 105mm F/2.0 AF DC (Defocus Control) -or- a 105mm f/2.8 ED-IF AFS VR (Vibration Reduction) Input Please?
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    Any Toughts? *no manipulation in photoshop*
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    Any thoughts? there is no manipulation in photoshop.