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  1. woodsac

    TPF on my iPhone?

    So uhhhh...long time no post! Not that I've ever forgotten where I started, but was just suddenly taken back while browsing the app store and seeing " The Photo Forum" app. AYKM? So I downloaded, installed, (did some research) found my user ID & password, and BAM! TPmuthafracknF! I seldom...
  2. woodsac

    Canon Bodies XTi, XT, XT-IR

    All emails replied to. Sorry, not willing to separate the grip. I'm also interested in full or partial trades with some $$ on my end. Looking for Canon 16-35 f/2.8, 24-105 f/4 IS, or 17-40.
  3. woodsac

    Wildlife & Nature FAQ

    Hey Buddy...long time ;) I haven't done in any macro work in quite a while. But...all of my macro work is hand held. I use a Manfrotto flash bracket manfrotto macro | B&H Photo Video and Lumiquest Softbox LumiQuest | Mini SoftBox - for Shoe-Mount Flashes | LQ-108 | B&H. Just takes a lot of...
  4. woodsac

    Canon Bodies XTi, XT, XT-IR

    I made the commitment and bought a new 5DmkII. So, out with the old. I'm keeping my 30D as a backup. These aren't spotless cameras, I'm a photographer and I use them. But...they all function 100%! I will cover shipping and PayPal fees! Canon XTi 400D with BG-E3 battery grip Includes box, body...
  5. woodsac

    Joy Ride

    Thanks again for all the great replies! I finally got my copy in the mail...almost 2 weeks after it was published :confused: Here ya go Mike.
  6. woodsac


    Thanks for the comments. Daan, I did intentionally include the flare. Not because I'm so totally in love with lens flare :lovey: , but because as long as it's not blocking any faces, my clients love it too. It's one of those little details that they frequently comment about when viewing my...
  7. woodsac


    Another senior session from a couple months ago. All shots taken with Canon 30D, multiple lenses, and a group of Nikon SB-28's with different modifiers, fired by elcheapo cactus triggers. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  8. woodsac

    Joy Ride

    I can't say thank you enough for all of your continued support! I started taking pictures about 4 years ago. And this is pretty much where I started posting to learn more. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing now without the support of everyone here. Thanks to everyone for sticking with me...
  9. woodsac

    Pretty in Pink

    Thanks again! Much appreciated. Chris you are too kind. Thanks a ton! I always plan on sticking around "a little longer"...we'll see what happens ;)
  10. woodsac

    Family Photo Session

    Overall, nice series. #2 is a timeless piece that the parents and children will admire for years.
  11. woodsac

    Another Alberta Wedding

    What a beautiful and classy session Brittany! Wonderful color and consistant throughout. Very impressive.
  12. woodsac

    Stepfanie / Senior Port

    Thanks! I always appreciate the feedback. It's nice to hear what other see :)
  13. woodsac

    Boys will be boys..

    Nice series. I like all the dirty feet. The background colors add a nice touch to these.
  14. woodsac

    Miss Isabella - 9mo portraits

    The overcast sky really paid off. Nicely lit images. Solid series of (I'm sure) a very active subject.
  15. woodsac

    Stepfanie / Senior Port

    1 2 3 4 5
  16. woodsac

    Pretty in Pink

    Thanks again for all the wonderful comments. I always appreciate the feedback too :)
  17. woodsac

    Top 3?

    Nice series. 9, 10, & 13
  18. woodsac

    Pretty in Pink

    Thanks again for the feedback. I appreciate it. Good ol' Wal-Mart :D They come in 4 or 5 different colors. They have really long stems so I just cut them down to kid size.
  19. woodsac

    How do you feel about these..?

    I like the series. I think you accomplished your goal and most senior boys would be happy with these. I don't mind the white shirt, but I may burn in the brighter corners to make him stand out a little more. Not sure, but maybe try slightly desaturating the first 2 images. It may help convey...
  20. woodsac


    Sorry about the crop. You may want to take the time to edit your profile. As it stands, you don't have an edit preference selected.