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  1. karissa

    Can I just say a BIG THANK YOU

    Chase addressed the issues at hand to an acceptable level. There is no need for more discussion. If you are insulted by anything that was said, please feel free to find another forum that fits your needs. I believe that the majority of the users here respect what has been said and will...
  2. karissa

    recent forum changes

    Yup, I see the problem. I'm at work though so you'll have to give me time.
  3. karissa

    Something broke

    We apologize for the downtimes you have experienced recently. We are actively working with our managed servers to resolve this issue. Because the issue is so intermittent it is taking a long time to resolve. We would also like to keep our troubleshooting from bringing the site down completely...
  4. karissa

    The forum is tripping over one of the ads

    When did this start?
  5. karissa

    PhotoForum Strap

    The link to our very own TPF camera straps can be found here: These straps really are worth it. I love mine.
  6. karissa

    How Does This Happen! It's so cool - frost

    Having a bedroom window like that would only be cool if I didn't have to leave nice warm blankets at all. :-P
  7. karissa

    How Does This Happen! It's so cool - frost

    To cool, thanks for the explanation Helen. I'm one of those annoying people that always asks things like how? and why? so I loved getting to hear how that works and why. Cool pictures, never seen it before. The only real frost I see is annoying me on my car windshield in the morning making me...
  8. karissa

    Painfully new...

    I was at work when I made my first post so I didn't look at the pictures. I really look forward to seeing what you can do with better equipment and more knowledge. You have a good eye.
  9. karissa

    Painfully new...

    I haven't the slightest idea what your talking about... but.. sure.. booo leafs! Anyway, Big Mike said it the best so dito to him. Most important thing is to never loose the fact that its FUN!
  10. karissa

    General equipment discussion forum

    The "Photography News and Reviews" section was created for this purpose. I haven't seen enough traffic in that section to really warrant breaking it down further. I appreciate your suggestions. Keep them coming! We are always looking to make this place better.
  11. karissa

    General equipment discussion forum

    This is really what the beginners place is aimed at.
  12. karissa

    Motorway in the Evening

    I think this second one actually is much better than the first one. It has a stronger composition. I like both. Also, the last edit on the second picture is awesome. I'd be proud if I had taken that one.
  13. karissa

    One ring to rule them all....

    *gasp* You should be BANNED!:lol:
  14. karissa

    Motorway in the Evening

    hmm, am I missing something.. pictures look the same to me. Like the picture though. I love light trails too. Nice color, almost want just a touch more contrast and saturation.
  15. karissa

    News Forum?????

    Go check out your new forum. It's under Foundations of Photography.
  16. karissa

    Free PORN...NUDE women and more

    Haha! I clicked on it thinking it was spam that hadn't been reported yet. :-P
  17. karissa

    Joining the forum and spam

    Hmm, well, I'll put it this way. I've never had a link say it was bad. So I guess it works. lol
  18. karissa

    Joining the forum and spam

    We have defiantly noticed an increase in spam and have taken a few small measures to help deal with it in a timely manner however the bottom line is, there really is no way to stop it completely right now. This spam problem has not just hit this forum. Many blogs have also noted an increase in...
  19. karissa

    Would YOU want to be a mod?

    Yeah, modship is a love/hate relationship. We all work hard to make good choices for this forum. And with is big as it is, frankly, some of you are bound to hate us. But I know that every mod on this forum has only best intentions for the community that comes here. We all have different jobs...
  20. karissa

    Links Page

    Yeah ok, both the links are there on the right hand side as "partner links".