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  1. Josh_Houchin

    28mm f1.8G

    Looking to buy a lightly used 28mm f1.8G. Thanks for looking.
  2. Josh_Houchin

    WTB: Good Quality 67mm Polarizer Filter

    I am going on a week long fly fishing trip in about 3 weeks. I will be taking some photos as well as fishing, and since nearly all the photos are going to be on the water (drift boat) I would really like to purchase a good quality polarizer filter. I went to my local camera shop and was blown...
  3. Josh_Houchin

    Eagles and such

    I haven't been on here for awhile as things have been hectic at work and home. I have been able to sneak out a little bit though and take a few photos of an eagles nest that sits in the middle of a local private schools property. It took awhile to get permission but after several emails back and...
  4. Josh_Houchin

    The fish weren't biting.

    The fish weren't biting today but it was still a gorgeous day to be outside. Here a few photos from the day...
  5. Josh_Houchin

    One of these things are not like the other...

    The robin is a really good shot. Great light!
  6. Josh_Houchin

    Louisiana Swamp

    Great job I really like #1 and #3.
  7. Josh_Houchin

    First attempt at B&W

    No it's my 70-300mm lens. It was cold and all the trees were covered in ice, perhaps that's what gives that effect. Honestly I just used one of the presets in Lightroom not much real processing was done. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  8. Josh_Houchin

    First attempt at B&W

    Below is my first attempt at a B&W photo. I shot it in color with the intention of messing with it lightroom to get the look I was looking for. I am kind of on the fence whether I like it or not and frankly I am not sure why. Any thoughts positive or negative would be appreciated.
  9. Josh_Houchin

    Which of these three?

    Of these three photos which do like best and why? Thanks for the input!! Oh just so you know Rusty has three legs so if he looks a little weird in the rear end that is why. #1 #2 #3
  10. Josh_Houchin

    Teaching the new guy fly fishing round 2

    The dries they were taking, were they blue wing olives?
  11. Josh_Houchin

    I know, I know. But.

    I would crop out the tip of the beak on the bird on the right.
  12. Josh_Houchin

    Wild Thing - I think I love you!

    I saw a mating pair of hawks yesterday afternoon but I was unable to sneak up and get any decent photos. Really impressive shot!
  13. Josh_Houchin

    Nikon 70-300MM F4-5.6 ED

    I've been married for 13 years, I stopped asking permission after year 6...
  14. Josh_Houchin

    Eyes Right!!

    Took this today at one of my sons JROTC competitions, I thought it turned out alright. I would love to hear ya'lls thoughts.
  15. Josh_Houchin

    I need help with choosing a lens...

    $160 is not the VR. I got my 70-300 VR new for $389 with a rebate, but $300 seems to be the norm used or refurbished.
  16. Josh_Houchin

    One of my all time favorites

    Photography is subjective. What do you like about it?
  17. Josh_Houchin

    I need help with choosing a lens...

    Another vote for 70-300mm VR. The below images were taken with my 70-300 VR.
  18. Josh_Houchin

    Bird in Flight Practice

    Thanks to some of the guys that frequent this page I have slowly been improving my BIF photos. I shot this one after work tonight while loft flying my homing pigeons, I slowed my shutter speed down to 1/1000 and switched to AF-C. I think those changes helped immensely compared to my previous...
  19. Josh_Houchin

    A Birding I Will Go.

    Thanks, I was really surprised to see him. There was a hen woody out there as well.
  20. Josh_Houchin

    Birders I need some help!

    Thanks for the tips everyone. I sincerely appreciate the help.