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  1. manaheim

    Brave Combo

    Love the exposure and contrast. The singer is really nicely captured. But the various pieces of equipment are unfortunately distracting (particularly the aft mic stand), and the positioning of the drummer and the singer with the latter being pretty well within the DOF muddies the composition...
  2. manaheim

    I Was Hoping He'd Show Up

    Wow. Beautiful bird. Spot-on capture.
  3. manaheim

    Egret Reflection

    I would crop in a lot more... you have a lot of space in there that is not necessarily doing the image any favors, esp. where the exposure seems off. It almost looks like you missed the focus a bit... or the aperture was so wide that the DOF was really shallow.... actually looking again I see...
  4. manaheim

    Colour balance in photos

    Keep in mind a way to avoid this issue is also to take pictures in RAW and set your own color balance in post processing. Mind you, shooting in RAW opens up a whole pandora's box of other challenges... so I usually tell newbies to shoot RAW+JPEG so you have the camera's "try" to fall back to if...
  5. manaheim

    "Faded Glory..."

    Portrait was, I think, the wrong choice. The image has the implication of potential movement from the driveway, but the image feels VERY stable. Fixed. Possibly on purpose. But I think you can have the same effect with landscape. I wanted to complain about the excessive processing, but I think...
  6. manaheim

    Backlit Golden Hour Portraits

    Not an easy exposure to pull off without it looking weird, and these look great.
  7. manaheim

    A little C&C on These Photos

    Ask yourself what you're trying to do or portray with an image and why. I see what you're doing with the trees/poles, and... sure, ok... you did that. But I saw it and I've seen all there is to see and I'm moving on. The first one has more "interest", but it's not standing out as anything we...
  8. manaheim

    National Museum of the United States Army - C&C please

    Not bad. Unfortunate sky but that takes planning. It's a little bright so I'd pull it back a bit. Also slightly tilted. (With so many sharp angles and straight lines it stands out more)
  9. manaheim

    Roush Mustang

    Looks like it was underexposed (or at least edited dark) and then had a filter applied. Calibrate your monitor if you haven't already and go from there.
  10. manaheim

    The Lion

    haha... thanks guys!
  11. manaheim

    Fishing at Sunset

    Then you'd just have me whining about how landscapes are pointless and there's no subject. :) (seriously) (I'm such a pain. But most of the people who know about my nonsense are looooooooooooooooong gone from here.)
  12. manaheim

    The Lion

    Been a while since I've posted and a lot of my pictures these past few years have been more for school band and theater, so this one popped up as "Oh I bet no one at TPF has seen this..."
  13. manaheim

    Looking Out the Window

    Oh now I remember why I remember "sleist". He just posts "stuff".
  14. manaheim

    In the souk (bazaar) in Marrakesh, Morocco

    Another very cool moment.
  15. manaheim


    Amazing capture, but your color balance seems seriously wonky.
  16. manaheim

    How do you catch a unique bunny?

  17. manaheim

    The Aviatrix

    Wow. Composition, exposure, love the reflection in the glasses... this is just an absolutely bang-on shot.
  18. manaheim

    the business room for men

    That makes all the sense in the world. Very interesting, too. Thanks for sharing. You're always a fascinating dude. :)
  19. manaheim

    Fishing at Sunset

    ehhhhhhhhh.... this is almost those "what is art" kind of things. Arguably, I can't say right or wrong on this point, but if there is a "style" that this kind of shot represents, I'm not sure this would be a good example of one. What's in all that real estate is a whole lot of repetition and it...
  20. manaheim

    Bath Time

    This. Is Epic.