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  1. manaheim

    The Lion

    Been a while since I've posted and a lot of my pictures these past few years have been more for school band and theater, so this one popped up as "Oh I bet no one at TPF has seen this..."
  2. manaheim

    Another Angel

    Finally getting back into the swing and digging through some older stuff and stumbled across this gal. Don't feel too bad if it makes no sense to you. I have a thing for cemetery angels.
  3. manaheim

    Nuthin' but Liquid Cool, Babey

    Just happened to have my camera with me...
  4. manaheim

    The Other Subway Adventure

    Here is my original subway tunnel shot. Just sharing to keep in time with my other post. c/c welcome if desired.
  5. manaheim

    Subway Adventure

    This is a second subway tunnel I shot some time back and never got around to playing with it. c/c welcome as always.
  6. manaheim

    Still nothing new...!

    Still digging through old stuff and making progress. This one happens to be right around the same timeframe as the previous T-station one I posted. (same station) This was when I was working in Cambridge, MA and spending a lot of time on the train. Also a super nice guy to chat with...
  7. manaheim

    I have nothing new!

    Well, I DO have new things, but I've decided to not allow myself to look ahead until I get the old stuff, so I'm working on pictures from my fourteen-year-old kid's play... from four years ago. ANYWAY... around that same time I happened to take this shot... I DO believe I've posted it, but I...
  8. manaheim

    This is not a good picture...

    Hell, the car isn't even clean... And it's not even my car! But that didn't stop me from spending a good part of my day driving it. :) 1959 Triumph TR3A, for anyone who's curious. It's my friend's car, but he has more cars than he knows what to do with so I occasionally steal this one...
  9. manaheim

    Carrying the camera... is it just me?

    So I used to carry it with a strap and have it on my shoulder so that the lens pointed outward... which meant it was constantly banging into stuff. The one day it dawned on me that I could have it so I carried it with the lens pointed INWARD, so it would basically hug my back. Seems to work...
  10. manaheim

    My never-ending obsession with cemeteries...

    c/c very welcome. Thanks for looking.
  11. manaheim

    Shadow on death?

  12. manaheim

    Hey look... it's New England in the fall...

    It's sad that I've lived here so long that I look at scenes like this as sort of commonplace.
  13. manaheim

    I don't know why these always fascinate me, but...

    I don't think it's really a good picture, per se... but the "GIANT WALL OF BIRD HOUSES NAILED TO MY HOUSE" always calls my name.
  14. manaheim

    Some Old Mill Architecture

    Just a few things from a walk in the fall... five years ago... (I'm forcing myself to go through my pictures) c/c welcome if desired. ==1== ==2== ==3==
  15. manaheim

    Is it made of... wood?

    Well... there's probably some wood fibers left in there somewhere.
  16. manaheim

    I give you... the ultimate... photographer traps. You know you wanna. You just know it.
  17. manaheim

    Remembering Higgins Armory Museum

    Long gone now, I'm afraid.
  18. manaheim

    Internet Explorer 11 and Color Profiles... What the hell?

    Ok, YES, I get that IE sucks. I still use it. I'm a whacko. Don't ask me why. However... back the last time I used to come on here and post my images, I just saved things off as sRGB and all was well enough. NOW, however, everything I save off as sRGB looks TOTALLY different in IE. Did I...
  19. manaheim

    Holy crap, my daughter is Dorothy.

    And hooo boy did she nail it. All taken with a D800 and a 70-200 2.8 VR2. ISO 3200 or 2500, depending.
  20. manaheim

    Just avoiding what I'm supposed to be doing.

    I suppose some folks have probably noticed I'm around here a little less lately. It's because I'm heads-down working very hard on either my job or my book. Lately Sat and Sun mornings are my only real time to write, so I'm here avoiding that. Ok. Now I'm done avoiding that. lol bye.