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    "To dream the impossible dream ..."

    Link: Douglas Mueller
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    Those good old mercury batteries

    I bought a camera at a yard sale last weekend. It still had a genuine PX625 mercury battery in it. These were banned nearly 25 years ago. The battery still works fine and tests at exactly 1.35v as it was originally rated. [sigh] They don't make 'em like that anymore. :-) PS - Yes, I know...
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    Hapo 66E

    This little folder is the Hapo 66E and was made in Germany by Balda in the 1950s. It is a re-badged Balda Mess-Baldix (“mess” = rangefinder in German). It is a 6x6 on 120 folder with uncoupled rangefinder. The lens is an Enna “Haponar” 75/4.5 (triplet) and the shutter has speeds to 1/200...
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    Petri Project

    I bought a 2-camera “lot” on eBay and this is one of them. I took a chance as the seller isn't a camera person so didn't know much about them. I was happy with the deal as this one was in fairly good condition (for a 65 year old camera) and the other one was mint (a Zeiss Contina II). This is a...
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    Movie titles with 5+ words

    Same rules are the one-word game here: Movies with a single word title except titles must have 5 or more words. Example: "A River Runs Through It"
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    Iwonta Ikonta

    I recently found this Zeiss Super Ikonta 531 at an estate sale and bought it for peanuts. Great condition too. Pocket size medium format (645 on 120) with rangefinder. Lens is 75/3.5 Zeiss T Opton-Tessar.
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    Olympus Ace

    I just bought this Olympus Ace for very little money at an estate sale. The Ace was made in the late 1950s and is the only interchangeable lens rangefinder film camera made by Olympus. Three focal length lenses were made for the camera – 35mm, 45mm and 80mm. All are 5-element E. Zuiko lenses...
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    increased demand for movie film

    From google-translated German web page: Google Translate "ANALOG FILM ON THE ADVANCE Footage is on the rise again," said Steve Bellamy, President Motion Picture & Entertainment, Kodak. The company, which had to file for bankruptcy in January 2012, has meanwhile reopened copying plants at...
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    JOBO news

    On another forum a German photographer and writer reports good news about JOBO, manufacturer of high quality film developing equipment: "JOBO is not only alive and well: They even stopped offering almost all of their digital products and are focussing again on film photography. Their future is...
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    New55 Film is back

    Link: Famous Format – The (Famous) Large & Small Format Photography Co.
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    New instant packfilm coming?

    These guys promise: "After more than 2 years of intense R&D we are now ready to start production of our next generation Type 100 peel apart instant film." See: ONE INSTANT. Analog packfilm re-invented
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    Kodak Velvet Green Paper

    About a year ago I was at an estate sale here in Southern California and, among some old Graflex camera parts, I found this package of Kodak Velvet Green printing paper. I just now came across my photo of it and thought you guys might want to see it. It had an expiration date of 1920 stamped...
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    The Lying Dog

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    The Holga is back

    It was recently announced that the manufacture of Holga cameras was discontinued and the molds were destroyed but Freestyle now says the camera is back and being manufactured at another factory. Holga | Freestyle Photographic Supplies
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    The Giant Argus C3

    Some years ago I was shopping at a flea market here in Southern California and came upon a fellow unloading a truck with lots of old camera gear. He said he'd cleaned out the garage of a camera repair technician who had passed away and this is what was in there. Most of the stuff was in pretty...
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    Astraflex 1000

    I found this late 1950s German "Astraflex 1000" SLR at a yard sale today here in Southern California. It's a rare name variant of the Wirgin Edixa Reflex cameras. The seller had no idea what it was but I am familiar with the Edixa SLRs and, since they all pretty much look alike and since I've...
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    a $30,000 Nikkorex?

    That is what one seller is currently hoping to get for a low serial # Nikkorex F. See item # 131795149408 on eBay USA The seller says, "This camera is a 1961 Nikkorex F SLR Serial Number 350003, which makes it the third actual camera produced by Nippon Kogaku." Well, no. It's not the 3rd...
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    Bicycle Kodaks

    The predecessors of the dashcam? Read about them here: Bicycle Kodaks / Eastman Kodak Co.
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    Kodak's new Super 8 Camera

    Kodak's New Super 8 Camera - YouTube
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    Dropping bombs with your enlarger

    A little known alternative use for your enlarger is to use it as a bomb sight. This scene from "Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon" illustrates this: