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  1. FrimpyEIBW

    Historic sites and stories...

    Take pictures of historic sites close to you, and tell us about it in your own words... I'll go first... Cockspur Island Lighthouse.... Located just off the Atlantic Ocean, at the old entrance to the Savannah River (Georgia) and just beyond Tybee Island (the main lighthouse marking the...
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    Buying camera equipment from

    I'm not stupid. I would never use an 18-200 for portraits. And, I do know how to use a digital SLR. I have 2 of them already. I want the 18-200 for when I go out shooting stocks...landscape, and wildlife. The 24-120 is going to go on the D300, the 18-135 on the D80, and the 18-200 on the D70s...
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    Buying camera equipment from

    I need to edit my sig. The 18-135 is a great lens, but it isn't a VR lens. I'm interested in the VR 18-200 because I kind of get tired of switching to the 70-300. I do alot of nature and landscape photography, as well as portraits.
  4. FrimpyEIBW

    Buying camera equipment from

    Has anyone ever done it? Are they reliable? And, is it gray market? I am thinking about getting this, but I want some feedback on Amazon before I buy.
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    Rechargeables in flash?

    I use them too. Just make sure you keep each set seperate. I have 2 flashes, and 4 sets of 4 rechargeables. 2 sets of Duracells (but they are different colors) a set of Energizers, and a set of Quantaray batteries. That way, you keep each set together. That is important, especially if you have...
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    Test your geography skills
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    For Sale...Minolta Maxxum 4

    AF zoom, .4m/1.3 ft Macro In great condition... Contact me for details. I'm trying to help a friend sell it. I don't know anything about it. That was what she gave me to post.
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    Photographers around us

    Here's one of me at a wedding I was shooting...I didn't even know someone shot the pic until after I saw the flash. I told her that I needed a copy of the photo. lol Not very formal at all, but I may use it on the bio page of my website. What do you all think? Link gone :( By the way, I think...
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    high dynamic range photography

    Thanks...I thought about that as soon as I posted.
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    high dynamic range photography

    Just found out about high dynamic range photography, and was wondering how its done. Is it a photoshop technique? Are there any good books that you might recommend? I can't wait to learn this.
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    A question for those who've tied the knot...

    Without You by Motley Crue
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    Guitar Hero 1, 2,or 3

    Actually, I've had conversaions with GH players who actually boast about their "talent" and compare it to the talent of a real guitarist. Maybe I was wrong to assume that everyone thought like that, but there are people who seriously think they are as good or better than a real guitarist.
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    I want the TRUTH!

    Yes. She deserves a guy who could post her picture without redeye. ;)
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    Guitar Hero 1, 2,or 3

    I don't get into Guitar Hero. Its air guitar meets technology, and nothing more. I agree with the ending to the South Park episode on Guitar Hero. I perfer the real thing, and I think that these GH people who would shun the ability of a real guitarist need to grow up. Its a video game. I have...
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    Harbour Town's 'official' photographer?

    I'm still waiting on the call back. He approached me, and is now being hard to find. I'm not holding my breath.
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    The Ban the person above you game!!

    I ban Trenton because the Dolphins are 0-13.
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    No desire to shoot a wedding ever again!

    I agree. I did a few as the second shooter before I went solo... But, I will have a few drinks if its a long a 12 hour affair.
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    Ok, lets get to know everyone.

    I missed this earlier. It wasn't the video match. It was Dixon's manager and promoter who capitalized on the video match.