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  1. ToddB

    First time posting photos - C&C please

    Well, not technically my first time, but I don't count those pictures of that lizard from some months back. Anyway, here are a few shots that I showed off to my Basic Digital Photography for DSLRs class that I just completed. I felt the class was definately worth the money (US$80) and it...
  2. ToddB

    Which tripod for $150

    Ok, so I asked for thoughts on the Gorillapod and realized that it not good for what I want to do. So I have decided to spend a little more money on a tripod. I don't have a ton but I figure that $150 will buy me a decent pod and head and it should serve me well for a few years. I would like...
  3. ToddB

    Gorillapod SLR-Zoom?

    So I'm going on vacation in about 3 weeks to San Francisco and will be spending 4 days in Yosemite. I want to take my tripod with me (cheap one that I've had for a while) but it is just too big. We will be doing quite a bit of hiking and the thought of having to lug that thing the whole time...
  4. ToddB

    Me, My Mother and the National Kidney Walk 2008

    I know I'm still relatively new to this site, and if this is taboo, let me know and I'll delete the thread. But this is very important to me and I would appreciate it if you would read and please try to help. As some of you might know, my Mother (known as "Nana" to her grandchildren) is...
  5. ToddB

    Photo mag question

    OK, so I know that the commercial photo mags here in the US are mostly rubbish, coworker's daughter is selling subscriptions as a fund raiser for her elementary school. So my choices are... 24 issues of Popular Photography & Imaging for $20 or 6 issues of American Photo for $13...
  6. ToddB

    eBay filters any good?

    Hey all, I'm trying to expand my equipment list and was looking at filters on eBay. I have seen filter prices at places such as B&H and they are prohibitively expensive right now. But on eBay I have seen "kits" that include a UV, a flourescent and a circular polarizer for around $20 - $25...
  7. ToddB

    SD Card suggestions?

    Hey all, This is probably a stupid question but, does anyone have a recommendation for a high capacity SD card for the Nikon D80? I just got the camera about a month and I can already tell that the 2 gb card I have just won't be enough for some situations. Like I said, probably a stupid...
  8. ToddB

    I got a D80!!!!! How do I use it?!? ;)

    So my wonderful wife surprised me with a D80 for my birthday! I really was speechless when I opened it up. We have been talking about getting one but were going to save up and get one in the spring. So my question is this, what do you guys think of the photography programs that are offered...
  9. ToddB

    Please critique my photos

  10. ToddB

    Please critique my photos

    Hey all, I'm still new to the site and haven't shared any pictures with any of you. Today I break that. I need some CC on what would make this shots better. I took this using the macro setting on my FinePix A350 P&S. (I haven't bought my D80 yet!:() This is unedited as I don't have...
  11. ToddB

    Buying DSLR, go new or used

    I was on B&H today and noticed that they have D80's new for $874 (body only, I already have a couple of lenses) or used for $774. So my question is this...Is it worth the extra $100 to buy new or is used equipment from a reputable company a good deal? I figure that if I save the $100 on...
  12. ToddB

    Lens Compatibility Question

    Hey all, I'm new to the site and have absolutely fallen in love with some of your photos. It has gotten me all geeked up about buying a new camera. Currently I have a Nikon N60 with Tamron 28-105mm 1:4-5.6 and a Nikkor 70-300 1:4-5.6G lens. I really like the camera but it is not digital...