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  1. JimmyJaceyMom

    fall engagment (sorta pic heavy)

    This couple is getting married at the zoo next September, I'm very excited for that to come! The girl is actually a photographer, for the count morgue! A little different type of photography than the kind I can handle but interesting nonetheless. I know these images tend to be bright...
  2. JimmyJaceyMom

    trying out my new alienbee

    I haev a very daring client who let me play with my new light for her daughters third session with me. I must say I love my new alienbee!!!! I love the catchlights (when I get them in the right place!) and I love the ease of post processing! I literally hardly have to touch them, some cropping...
  3. JimmyJaceyMom

    Senior session

    I know, I cut his toes off darnit! No one is more mad about that that me. ;) 2. 3. this one has a watermark on it cause I used it on my blog, please ignore. 4. 5
  4. JimmyJaceyMom

    ok so opinions?

    I have saved up a bunch of money. Well its not THAT much but its a lot to me! I have a few choices. I can either upgrade my flash that I have now and get a flash bracket too. Also I can get a cheaper (maybe sigma) wide angle lens that I won't really find much use for other than large bridal...
  5. JimmyJaceyMom

    babies, babies

    Hi everyone, been gettting a lot of babies lately to shoot. Here is the session from Saturday. 1. 2. 3. I HAVE ONE WITH THE WHOLE GROUP JUST NOT DONE YET. ;) 4. 5. AND HERE IS ONE OF MY LITTLE ONE JUST FOR FUN - SHE'S ALL CAMERA'D OUT. i SAY "SMILE!" THIS IS WHAT SHE GIVES ME!
  6. JimmyJaceyMom


    I went to a class with out local photography center and it was called a 'photo safari' where you go with an established photographer on an outting to take pictures. Well we went into an eclectic coffee shop and there was neat stuff everywhere to take pictures of but all I was interested in was...
  7. JimmyJaceyMom

    2 toddlers

    I dont have my regular monitor back yet - let me know if these look funky to you. 1. 2. 3. 4. Can anyone suggest a different crop for this one? The full size in camera crop makes her hair look really silly but she moved to fast I had to snap quick to catch her! This is what I...
  8. JimmyJaceyMom

    just a couple from me

    The kids from this first set were hilarious and a lot of fun to work with but there were a lot of them so it was a bit of a challenge at times. This was a total snapshot! I was setting up my flash getting them ready fo ra group shot and they all piled on so I yelled LOOK HERE! :)...
  9. JimmyJaceyMom

    I'm confused!

    What else is new? LOL I signed up for this online gallery and it has a shopping cart and all that which is cool and it has an option to let people pay online wiht a credit card. How the heck do I do that? WHat do I need. I looked up a few things but I'm running into sites that are merchant...
  10. JimmyJaceyMom

    something different for me

    Hi everyone. I am shooting an album cover for a local Blues singer/guitarist in the spring and there was a concert in his honor the other night so I took pictures in case he needs any for the inside of the cd cover. Photobucket shuts my internet down every time I try to resize to message board...
  11. JimmyJaceyMom

    any suggestions GREATLY APPRECIATED!

    Okay so I am to do my first family portrait of a big group. I'm a little nervous but I will be ok. ;) The group consists of 7 adults and 6 children - children are - 18 months old, 2, 3, 5, 8 and 9 years. We had a hard time finding an indoor location but I suggested out conservatory/greenhouse...
  12. JimmyJaceyMom

    Face Forward - Christina

    A while back I mentioned doing photographs for a makeup artist and we did some more. This time she provided the subjects, props and we did before and afters. Some will be for her use on her website and some will be for the subjects personal use as they are welcome to buy any of the shots they...
  13. JimmyJaceyMom

    Awe geez!

    I need help! I have photoshop elements6. Everthing was fine until one day I was messing with my color settings and I changed it to be best for printing as before that is had been set to best for computer monitor viewing or something like that. Well I immediately notices that something was wrong...
  14. JimmyJaceyMom

    little girls (9 pics sorry)

    First time shooting in RAW and using curves adjustments. What do you think? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I need to take the magenta out ofher face, I see that now as I have uploaded it to phootbucket... will do ;) 6. 7. 9.
  15. JimmyJaceyMom

    diffusion panel

    Hi guys. My dad made me a diffusion panel. Does anyone have one? Got any tips for me? he found the 'recipe' (lol) here:
  16. JimmyJaceyMom

    new baby pics

    Thanks for looking.
  17. JimmyJaceyMom

    Face Forward Makeup Artistry

    Hi guys I was hired to do some photos for a local makeup artist to show off her abilities in her new business, Face Forward. They're a bit different, I provided the model but the client chose the clothes, some of the poses and of course, the makeup. ;) Thought I would share though because they...
  18. JimmyJaceyMom

    another try at this wedding stuff... sort of!

    So this couple paid a photographer a good bit of money and long story short the pictures were AWFUL! So anyhow they hired me to do what I could with the pics as far as editing and so I did but then they decided that they really wanted better than that (I'm telling you the pics were BAD) SO the...
  19. JimmyJaceyMom

    I hope someone can help

    I am so clueless! LOL I went to save picture last night that I had been editing and it said that is couldnt save my pic. I knew my memory was running out yet for some reason I was shocked when i clicked on the computer performance thing and it simpky read "OUT OF MEMORY"!!! So anyhow I...
  20. JimmyJaceyMom

    I cant wait for nice weather!

    We had almost 70 degree weather in PA last week and I took advantage. These are of my son but I wanted to show them here because I think this will be my thing for 2008 as far as business goes! I recognize the cast from the wall in the ones with the red and green but I havent gotten time to...