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  1. railman44

    Having a devil of a time with a Nikkor micro lens.

    Bought a used Nikkor 60mm macro lens and having a terrible time with it. Of course, no instruction manual. On manual, the camera doesn't let me do what I want and on AF the sharpness isn't there. Can anyone help?
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    A day at the office

  3. railman44

    Just bought a Nikkor 60mm Nikon micro lens.

    It's used and of course no manual. Any tricks to this lens? I would think someone on this board has one... Thanks.
  4. railman44

    Does anyone know of

    an address of a site that sells repro lens manuals? Thanks.
  5. railman44

    Macro with a D70

    What lens would you suggest for crisp close-up work with a Nikon D70?
  6. railman44

    Anybody familiar with the Pentax Optio WP?

    I'm trying to post a pic but it's a .png file and it might not take. Photoshop won't allow me to convert it to a .jpg. Anyway, it's a point & shoot with 5MP and waterproof (they claim) up to 3 feet of water. Anybody own or have fiddled with one?
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  8. railman44

    Just some snaps of expensive boy toys...

    Sweltering day but these guys love their hobby...
  9. railman44

    Would Adobe Photoshop CS2 upgrade

    load if I already have PS4? Yeah, I know 4 is a very old version. Thanks for any info...
  10. railman44

    Looking through my newest photo rag and

    they had a vote on the best 10 photographers. All were terrific. But, I was curious regarding what camera they used since there is the endless argument of Nikon versus Canon or vice versa. Well, it turned out 5 used a Nikon and 4 used a Canon while one used another brand. I'll bet if the...
  11. railman44

    Easy question for you digital guys/gals...

    How often do you use a circular polarizer? Is it worth it to buy one. I use one with film but digital is still fairly new to me and my lenses are larger...
  12. railman44

    Are color filters any good with a DSLR?

    With b&w film color filters can really make the difference. Are they worth a hoot with digital cameras?
  13. railman44

    Anyone been taken using eBay?

    I watched a show on a news channel tonight dedicated to eBay. They presented the good, bad and the ugly. I've been a member of eBay since 1998 and really have no complaint. I've sold and bought lots of "stuff" and never have had a problem. Okay, I had one $10 check bounce from something I...
  14. railman44

    Anybody use a monopod?

    I bought a cheap Slik monopod and it was delivered today. I attached a Nikkor AF 80-200 (non VR) to it and was pleased with the results. I used to think my hands were steady but not anymore especially with a long zoom. I've got a decent tripod but it's a hassle to drag around. The mono is...
  15. railman44

    Typical summer day for an elk...

  16. railman44

    In a simpler time.

    Trying a still shot of marbles and the bag a young boy used circa 1900. Not real happy with the shot but I'll get better...
  17. railman44

    Can someone explain the megapixel mystery to me?

    Before I bought my Nikon D70 I purchased a fairly thick paperback book that supposedly went into further detail of what was possible with this model. I read it cover to cover many times and, ultimately bought a D70. When this book was discussing megapixels (MP) it said the MP in the D70 were...
  18. railman44

    Filters? Hype or baloney?

    As many of you have experienced in the photo mags or at your local camera store the pricing regarding filters varies greatly. Is there really a difference between a B+W or Hoya or even Promaster? Just looking at UV or Skylight filters one is perplexed by the number of coatings, the "pro"...
  19. railman44

    Probably a really dumb question but can someone

    explain what "rubbing" means on a lens? I'm assuming it refers to a slight scratch on the barrel and someone "rubbed" or buffed it out? If I'm correct in this assumption it's fairly easy to spot...
  20. railman44

    Little green-eyed monster...

    She's a Russian Blue and smart as a tack!