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  1. New England Moments

    "Freeze Frame "

    A frozen Waterfall, and some cold Motion...
  2. New England Moments

    " Winters' Wonderland"

    Hi People , a few shots of Vermonts' Winter Wonderland, Northeast Kingdom Area....
  3. New England Moments

    " In Comparison "

    Few Views, Different Stories...
  4. New England Moments

    " Typical Vermont "

    It just says' Vermont........
  5. New England Moments

    " It All Hinges On Time "

    Just a Close up of the Door of the Barn.. Caught my eye... As you can see, " It All Hinges On Time "
  6. New England Moments

    " Time Will Tell "

    Common sight here in Vermonts ' Northeast Kingdom, is to see the collapse of Dated old Barns , due to Heavy Snowfalls.. only, " Time Will Tell" , how long this gem remains..
  7. New England Moments

    " Vermont Sugar Time "

    Maple Syrup anyone lol... Or How bout some , SNOW CONES, Natures Way !
  8. New England Moments

    Small Vermont Barns "

    Hi Folks.. Couple snowy Views of two Small Barns, here in Vermont...
  9. New England Moments

    Photo Forum

    Not a Huge Place, but Comfy... Covers all Genres of Photography.. Forum less than 2 Weeks old.. Take a Look/ take your Shoes off at N.E.M.s Place.. I am a member here at the Photo Forum, and not trying to sway anyone away, just another alternative for the...
  10. New England Moments

    New England Moments

    Site just over a week old, stop in, kick your shoes off, have a look around NEMs Place..
  11. New England Moments

    " What Happened ? "

    Ummmmm Where did the Critique Room Go ?? I don't see it even listed the past couple of visits ? Is it Defunked lol ?
  12. New England Moments

    " Between a Rock, & a Hard Place "

    Well, sticking with water for a couple of posts, heres the end run off of a fall, liked the coloration of Rock...
  13. New England Moments

    " Falls Fall "

    Simply Fall, Northeast Kingdom Vermont..
  14. New England Moments

    " Cold Crossing "

    Hi People... We are having a Drought on Sunlight here in Vermonts' Northeast Kingdom, so when sun came out this Morn, I scrambled... It only lasted a bit over an hour , but it was a great taste.. This Bridge is called , " Lords Bridge " built around "1881 "... I think the name fits...
  15. New England Moments

    " The Village "

    A very much photographed Vermont Village..
  16. New England Moments

    " Horsepower "

    A Clyde on the run in the Heavy Snow..
  17. New England Moments

    " Winter Barn..."

    a Barn in Vermonts Northeast Kingdom, to simple ?
  18. New England Moments

    "" Amazing Graze "

    With all of the snow, the Big Fellow still searching for those Blades of Grass.. Just a kind of mood shot..
  19. New England Moments

    " The Weekend Storm "

    Well the dumping this past weekend left us with about two feet of snow, went out during the calming, had to find something to shoot...