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    Park Photo Shoot

    These are fantastic and I really love that second one!!
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    Beautiful new Mama and Baby

    I got to do her maternity photos and then they had me back for newborns. I have had the chance to return and meet 4 of my newborns and each time is SO much fun cuz I already know them and we are comfortable with each other. Natural light. ISO 250, 40mm f/2.8 ss 1/100 ISO 250 32mm...
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    8 month old

    I really love the last one, what a cutie!!
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    I can only see #2 but it is really beautiful!
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    Teenage Sisters shoot....

    Lots like such a fun session! I really love the first one with her red streaks and the read backdrop! Well done, all are so nice and crisp and you perspective is awesome!
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    Back after a lil while

    Thanks everyone! Been working hard lately :) Taking a lil break cuz we are about to move and I have to start business in a whole new town! Flower Child - Semi over cast day, sun just above the horizon. Clouds were all shifty but the light when clouds would break was just lovely and nicely...
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    Some Recent Work Of Mine

    These are awesome and that chair is devine!
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    Vintage Inspired....

    These are awesome. That first one really made me feel like I was looking at something from the past. Bravo!
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    Back after a lil while

    Just some recent work for clients and my own kiddos. So much to catch up on! My bebes
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    Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 for Nikon

    I am selling my Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro DF Autofocus Lens for Nikon AF-D Sigma | 24-70mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro DF Autofocus Lens | 548306 $490 with UV filter($48 value) on and shipped in orig box with all it came with. Bought it back in October from B&H, sharp copy I just want to...
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    Recent session

    Had allot of fun with this couple and found some new locations :) The husband says he's gonna call me again cuz he hasn't been kissed that much in a long time lol
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    Family in the Mountains

    I think 2 is fantastic.
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    Little Knight

    Thanks everyone! The background was actually just plain thunder gray seamless paper. I wanted to go a lil overboard for the exact reasons stated, add that royalty painting sort of feel. I appreciate the comments!
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    Three brothers, yesterdays session

    Thank you! Nervous cuz I was working on a new monitor. The color looked really wonky and bright on it but it but DH figured out some things for me and it seems to be all systems go now. I appreciate the feedback!
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    Most recent wedding

    Absolutely love your creativity and composition.
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    Three brothers, yesterdays session

    How'd I do? Also editing on a new monitor I have struggled to calibrate. SO nervous to post these.
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    Family for Critique

    The composition in them works in all but 3 for me. I agree with the pp they look underexposed and there are some wb and color cast issues for me.
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    Always love these. Great work, your post processing is always so artistic.