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  1. Opher

    Canon 5D MKII + Grip + extra batt (lens if your interested)

    I am seriously considering selling my 5D MKII and grip(with extra batt). the body comes with a henrys "HELP" warentee with about 2.5 years left (it is international but easier to deal with in Canada). the shutter count is low (between 10,000 and 20,000). I am selling for $3,000. Condition is...
  2. Opher

    Advice on shooting Horses... I tend to shoot people not animals

    Hey guys it has been a while. My mother has recently moved to a farm and wants me to photograph her horses for her. I dont shoot animals so im looking for some help. My mother will be renting me a lens for the weekend and i was thinking a 50mm or maybe an 85mm (im shooting full frame). Here...
  3. Opher

    Personal Articles insurance in Canada - recommendations

    Hello everyone. I know this topic (like many) has already been beaten with a stick and then some but im asking anyway... dont hate me for it. Ok so from what i have read a lot of the people here get our insurance from state farm. Are there any other good insurance providers in Canada...
  4. Opher

    Continuous Ink System (I would like your imput)

    Hello everyone, Its been a while. I have been spending a fair about on ink in the past year and was thinking about adding an ink system to my Epson R1900. I have a few questions about peoples experiences with them and what you have heard from others about them. My two biggest conserns are...
  5. Opher

    Where to get a cheap IMAC?

    Didnt know where to put this but buy/sell seemed like the place to be lol. Im a currently a student and during school we are given macbooks to use. The school year is coming to an end and i will be needing a Mac as i will have to give this one back in a week. So my question to you is do you...
  6. Opher

    Can someone save me from this hellish day

    Hello all. I have a project where i have to imitate an image. I had some picked out but i did not have time to get all the props i needed and the deadline is coming up.:x So here is what i am asking of you. If you can post pictures or links to pictures that only depict common house hold...
  7. Opher

    First time in the studio C&C

    Hey first time in the schools studio.. what am i doing right and wrong? any suggestions and general opinions. Just a basic headshot
  8. Opher

    Any good or bad experiences with OPUS?

    Hey I have a to shoot 200 music and dance students and will be needing a nice lighting set. (i have a small on location battery one but it will not hold out for 400+ shots). So what i have found that is almost in my price range is the OPUS DELUXE OPL-H50088(2XH250) FLASH KIT. It has all the...
  9. Opher

    anyone try fractureme?

    Hello its been a bit since i have posted just busy and what not i guess. So i was putting around and found fractureme and figured i would try them out. A waning is that they are about 15 days back logged and the 8-10 as reported on there website. So down to what im going to say. First off...
  10. Opher

    just shot a friend - CnC

    Just shot her two days ago. did some light editing. let me know what you think and what i can improve on. click for big files
  11. Opher

    Stuck shutter - Need help

    Hello everybody. got my camera out this morning all ready to shoot only to discover that on my first shot my shutter got stuck halfway closed. I brought it into blacks and they said it may just need cleaning... i would have brought it the henrys but they were closed when i got to it. Im...
  12. Opher

    Most epic Youtube video. Nullifies the canon vs nikon debate cant seem to embed it sorry *seems it does it all by itself comment welcome
  13. Opher

    Im kinda split in two!

    I am going to start into some film work as in my opinion it makes you think! none of this shoot first think later crap. Just got my Dark room equipment in today(free from grandpa). The problem i have is i just got me 5D MKII in this week too. So i want to test out my 5D but kinda want to...
  14. Opher

    I have a challenge for you. (can you recover this massively blown out picture)

    A friend asked me if i could "EDIT" a picture for him then he sent me THIS!!! its a large file so iits a large file so i linked linked I would love to see what all the pros can do. I tried and failed epicly.
  15. Opher

    Time for a need advice wedding related thread. (Plz Help)

    Ok; before you all tell me how under qualified i am to do this, i know im not qualified. My sister asked my to shoot her wedding and i have made it abundantly clear that I am far from pro. She still wants me to do it :-S. So my question for you. I will be renting some lenses between 1-3 of...
  16. Opher

    Tracks CC is welcome

    It was a nice sunny day out today so i went out to see what i could shoot. What do you think.
  17. Opher

    Shooting Drugs CC

    I removed some of the data because there was way to much. Aside from the crazy amount of grain what do you think?
  18. Opher

    Some from a Christmas party CnC

    1. 2. 3. Mods: if this should be in the "people forum" feel free to move it.
  19. Opher

    2 for C&C

    Mostly just snapshots but I like how they came out let me know what you think.
  20. Opher

    Fun with my root beer (comments welcome)