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    Cape Palliser LightHouse

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    Shades of star

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    Old But not forgotten

    Tokomaru bay wharf found in the north island of New Zealand is an old wharf built around 1912 and was used by the meat-freezing works near by witch also lays in ruins, the wharf is now closed to the public as its deemed dangerous
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    Under the long colored cloud

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    That church again

    yep as you get to know me your start to realize i have a thing for church's sorry but i cannot help myself they are just to dam cool oO
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    Warm Soul

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    Walk the plank

    Taken at Whananaki in New Zealand
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    Taken in Wellington New Zealand
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    Silky Green River

    Taken at the Whirinaki Forest Park in New Zealand.
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    One Tree Lake

    Sorry been away lately on a photo trip, this was one of my shots from that trip, it was taken at Taupo Lake in New Zealand
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    Castlepoint Lighthouse

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    Space Men

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    Little Church On The Prairie

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    Park me up

    Taken at Shelly Beach Auckland New Zealand Trees are light painted with a godox flash nikon d750 f/2.8 14 mm lens
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    Hamilton's Crack

    Taken at Hamilton's gap New Zealand
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    Te Hoho Rock

    Te Hoho Rock taken at Cathedral Cove New Zealand
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    Mid day practice trial

    I often don't shoot midday but i wanted to start trying to see if i could do some interesting shots with long exposures to see how they look, this was one of the shots i took and wonder what you guys think of this type of shot.
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    Lonely Tree

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    Moon Rise

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    Bird Unknown type

    Took this some time ago, any help with what type is is welcome