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  1. Rapala46

    Looking at a few filters

    Hey everyone, it's been a loooooong time since I've posted on this website, but college has kept me real busy the past few years. I haven't stopped shooting, just stopped posting for a while. I've got a question regarding a few different filters I'm looking to purchase. I mostly shoot...
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    just a thought

  3. Rapala46

    this guy is my hero

    this guy rocks
  4. Rapala46

    A little unsure

    Hey all Recently, my cousin announced to me that she was getting married. Then, she asked me if i would like to do the photographs for her wedding. I was flattered and i said "sure, why not?!" The only thing is, now i am having second thoughts. I am a little nervous because this is a once in...
  5. Rapala46

    Is this what i want?

    I have been looking at filters recently, and came upon this. I want a star effect filter and i need it to be 58mm size. is this what i want? if so,why is it so cheap?
  6. Rapala46

    Negative Organization

    How does everyone here organize their negatives and prints. I am looking for a better way than what i do no now, which is leave them in the envelopes in a shoebox under my bed. My friends take all of their favorite photos and put them into albums, but my problem with that is that you are...
  7. Rapala46

    Plan on buying a Polarizer...

    I have 2 Sigma lenses both with 58mm lens cap sizes, and i think it is time for me to buy a polarizer, because i take a LOT of water pictures. This will be my first time buying accessories for my camera, and therefore will be my first time buying a filter. I have heard that a polarizer is not...
  8. Rapala46

    just a thought

    Just a thought here, but if i scanned my negatives onto my computer using a regular computer scanner and then inverted the colors on my computer.....would i be able to get those pictures?
  9. Rapala46


    GRR...I am soooo mad. I lost a roll of spent film somewhere, and i cant find it anywhere. My gut tells me its still in the woods where it may have fell out of my pocket or something. The worst part: I had some GREAT shots on it. Macro's of moths, rain drops on pine trees, and worst of all...
  10. Rapala46

    Anyone ever heard of them?

    Has anyone ever heard of these guys? New York Cameras and Electronics? they are advertising a Rebel XT body for 423.00 brand new....i find it sketchy also...if you buy it with the kit lens...its
  11. Rapala46


    yeah...spam. i know. But this makes 200th post. woooohoooo
  12. Rapala46

    Lakota Wolf Preserve

    Has anyone here ever been to the Lakota Wolf Preserve? Its in NJ, near the DWG, and I was hoping someone could tell me what they thought about it. Here's a link:
  13. Rapala46

    A Snow day photo

    Hey everyone, not sure if i posted this one or not. We had a snow day last week, or the week before that or something, and I took a few pictures. This is just a small little brook, known as the den brook back in the woods of Morris County.
  14. Rapala46

    idk if this is the right forum but...

    whatever. If its not, mods please move it. Here are some pictures from another snow day hike. enjoy!
  15. Rapala46


    Here's the deal. Last weekend everyone was anticipating a snow day for monday. It didn't happen, and there i was dead tired from partying with my freinds that night. Now, it is almost guaranteed snow day. Apparantlyu 6-10 inches are expected at 3 AM, and even all of my teachers were saying...
  16. Rapala46

    NJ Bear hunt, VERY controversial

    Here we go everyone. I am a NJ resident, and I am also an avid hunter, and fisherman. So, if anyone has heard about the recent bear hunt in NJ, what are your thoughts? This is the second one if 35 years (i think) and it is raising voices everywhere. As you could probably guess, I am on the...
  17. Rapala46

    Stock photography website

    recently, when i was looking through the board, i clicked on a link in someones avatar, and it brought me to this site, that had stock photography of the person, and the prints were cents. like 29 cents for a 4x6 or somethingI would love to just go and blow 10 bucks on that website. does...
  18. Rapala46

    Omar's Tribute

    Hey everyone. I've got some sad news. My neighbors had a dog, who'se name was Omar. (the name fits him perfectly once you get an idea of the personality he had). Beofre I dive into my question, I would like to give you a little background story on this loving, cute, old, and all around perfect...
  19. Rapala46

    A few from the last hike ***56K WARNING***

    just figured i would post some stuff, cause i havnt in a ya go personal favorite picture Sorry about the amount of pictures, but i chose my favorite out of a BUNCH, and the posted them.
  20. Rapala46

    I just have to tell someone!

    I know this is random and useless, but i have to tell someone. I just cleaned up the laundry room for my mom who has a bad back, and i found 1 roll of 100 ISO supercolor motophoto film (12 exp), 9 rolls of Kodak Max Versatility ISO 400 (24 exp), 2 rolls of Kodak Max Vers ISO 400 (36 exp), 4...