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  1. usayit

    My Twins at the park...

    I know.... I know... more kid photos == bah! I look forward to when the kids are independent enough that I'll have more time to shoot and enjoy. For now, I love snapshots of my 3 boys. The twin younger ones finally get out to the park after a long, cold, terrible terrible winter.
  2. usayit

    Quick thoughts on my new P&S: Sony WX300

    I've shot with many systems over the years... Pentax/Asahi/Takumar, 67, 645 , Canon EOS, Leica M (current), and now compliment with the Olympus OMD micro 4/3rds. Each brings to the table many advantages and disadvantages. One thing that hasn't changed much, is the enjoyment of simply having a...
  3. usayit

    Interesting read for those that remember efilm.

    Converting film cameras to digital: EFS-1 The technology that almost was (updated) - Olivier "F8" Duong | Documentary & Street Photography I was so excited when this product was in the limelight. I still get bummed out just thinking about it. Its an interesting read. I'd be happy to deal...
  4. usayit

    Micro 4/3 is growing.

    Looks like things are moving along nicely with the micro 4/3 consortium. Figure I should start a thread so people can post news....
  5. usayit

    Micro 4/3 pro-shooter at the Olympics

    A bit old news but I couldn't find an existing thread..... please merge if I missed it. I still feel that the micro 4/3 system still has catching up to do with the likes of DSLRs but for a system that has really only been around since 2009, I think its making some great strides to the efforts...
  6. usayit is BLANK.

    A person on another forum has just posted on that forum that the registration page is coming up blank. Its also blank for me. They also mentioned that the contacts page is also blank.
  7. usayit

    B&W digital....

    This rumor has been mulling around for several months within the Leica community. Interesting idea.... (assuming the announcement tomorrow is real) Mirrorless Rumors | Blog | The Leica B&W M mount camera has 18 megapixels! Announcement tomorrow! As a side note... Kodak group that built the...
  8. usayit

    Sync cord for old Sunpak GX8R ring flash

    So I acquired an old Sunpak GX8r ring flash that has everything but the sync cord. Looking at it, I made the assumption that its a regular-run-of-the-mill PC sync cord... great I have a bunch. It was a wrong assumption. It looks like a normal PC sync connector but it is a variant that is...
  9. usayit

    My first attempt at water drop

    I've been meaning to try this out for several years but just now getting to it. Sure filled an otherwise boring Sunday evening with some fun behind the camera.
  10. usayit

    Olympus E-M5

    So the whole mirror-less concept is really taking off and in some parts of the world are already popular. Nikon J, Pentax Q, Samsung, Sony NEX, Pentax K-01, Fuji (of sorts) all going after the current market leaders Olympus and Panasonic. Olympus has leaked their next release which is...
  11. usayit

    No love for the DSLR alternative?

    Just just realized that the camera forum has Canon Nikon Pentax Sony No love for Olympus, Panasonic, Fuji, etc... etc... :-P
  12. usayit

    The Nikon 1

    Nikon 1 System First Impressions: Digital Photography Review "Over the course of the last year or two, mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera systems have gone from being interesting portents of things to come to distinctly mainstream products." * take note of the sensor size Nikon has...
  13. usayit

    Edit This: Abandoned farmhouse Infrared

    So I was bored last week and I decided to try something different. This is my first time ever shooting with a infrared filter 092 and for some odd reason never tried it back in the film days. So I have these images and I'm trying to figure out what to do in post that I find pleasing. So...
  14. usayit

    Pentax is Sold

    Looks like their line of bad decisions are catching up. As a fan of Pentax, I have that "Oh well" response but I do wish them the best. Hey, at least it went to another photographic company... I suspect...
  15. usayit

    Olympus on a roll

    Announced today... Olympus releases three new cameras to refresh their lineup; E-P3 (high end), E-PL3 (low end), and E-PM1 (smallest and lightest). Olympus PEN Lite and PEN Mini announced and previewed: Digital Photography Review Olympus PEN E-P3 announced and previewed: Digital Photography...
  16. usayit

    Prairie dog: Captioned.

    P6260581 by usayit_2000, on Flickr Harry.... Will you get off of your lazy, fat, rear end, and DO SOMETHING!!!!
  17. usayit

    So you thought M43 was compact, meet the Pentax Q

    Didn't see it posted here but Pentax released their new product; Pentax Q. Looks to be some sort of digital version of the Auto 110. Five New Lenses Announced By Pentax You don't get a sense of just how small this camera is until you see it here: Pentax Q Compact System Camera - Hands-On...
  18. usayit


    tokyo camera style I don't know what it is but I find myself looking here once in a while out of curiosity. I rarely see such a wide variety of different cameras on the streets here in the U.S.... usually the typical Nikon and Canon digital whatever. From what I here, the Japanese really...
  19. usayit

    C-mount mirrorless

    Didn't see it mentioned here. No surprise since its neither Canon nor Nikon nor DSLR related nor big zoom related.... but heck I figure it would make some good discussion. Kenko is releasing a basement bottom feature lacking C-mount mirrorless camera. It has a small sensor (5x crop.. ), it...
  20. usayit

    U Can't Touch This... dum da da dum.. dadum

    Testing 1 2 3 4