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  1. FrimpyEIBW

    Historic sites and stories...

    Take pictures of historic sites close to you, and tell us about it in your own words... I'll go first... Cockspur Island Lighthouse.... Located just off the Atlantic Ocean, at the old entrance to the Savannah River (Georgia) and just beyond Tybee Island (the main lighthouse marking the...
  2. FrimpyEIBW

    Buying camera equipment from

    Has anyone ever done it? Are they reliable? And, is it gray market? I am thinking about getting this, but I want some feedback on Amazon before I buy.
  3. FrimpyEIBW

    Test your geography skills
  4. FrimpyEIBW

    For Sale...Minolta Maxxum 4

    AF zoom, .4m/1.3 ft Macro In great condition... Contact me for details. I'm trying to help a friend sell it. I don't know anything about it. That was what she gave me to post.
  5. FrimpyEIBW

    high dynamic range photography

    Just found out about high dynamic range photography, and was wondering how its done. Is it a photoshop technique? Are there any good books that you might recommend? I can't wait to learn this.
  6. FrimpyEIBW

    Harbour Town's 'official' photographer?

    Last night at a party, I met a GM from Harbour Town Yacht Club, and I have a meeting with him next week. He wants exclusive rights to pictures I take so that he won't see them on anyone else's website. The work I'll be doing will be weekly shots of Harbour Town, including ariel views. I have...
  7. FrimpyEIBW

    What your desktop is not

    My desktop is not a John Lennon collection.
  8. FrimpyEIBW

    Your football team?

    American Football only please. Who is it? As I mentioned, I'm a diehard Miami Dolphins fan. :madass: Who do you think will be in the Superbowl? I have to say, I think the Patriots will get knocked out of the playoffs.
  9. FrimpyEIBW

    Raw viewer?

    I am tired of having to wait for Photoshop to load each image in order to view RAW images. Is there a free viewer anywhere that will let you scroll through them quickly, or maybe an addon for the Windows viewer?
  10. FrimpyEIBW

    Ok, lets get to know everyone.

    I am a member of only 2 forums other than this one. I've been with these two for several years, and I have a general feeling of the personalities of the members there. But, those boards don't have near the traffic that this board has, so it was easier to get a feel of who everyone is. So, I'm...
  11. FrimpyEIBW

    Greetings from Hilton Head Island, SC

    My name is Bill, and I am a semi pro photographer. I shoot weddings and family portraits..not to mention landscapes, wildlife, and just about anything else I can think of. I have a Nikon D70S and a D80, with the VR 24-120 lens, and the VR 18-200. I also use the SB-800 speedlight, and am...