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  1. Ronman


    I took this photo a few months ago but hadn't really looked at it until today. C&C Please.
  2. Ronman

    Went Fishin'

    In May I went fishing with a friend, I wasn't catching anything so I snapped a few. 1 A wide shot of the area. 2 The fisherman. 3 Thirsty fauna? 4 We were just below the old bridge.
  3. Ronman


    I took some photos in the garden today. The evergreens are greening-up, the deciduous trees are mostly budding. Below, is one of my earlyest shrubs to bloom. Mahonia (Mahonia aquifolium) Oregon Grape Holly. Holly like evergreen leaves, upright growth. Root has good antibiotic activity.
  4. Ronman


    It's 4:30 in the morning, I've been up most of the night, lately playing with some photos and feeling the urge to post something. This one didn't really capture the grip this overgrown Wisteria had on this old house but I thought I'd run it by you. In person it looked like the house was crying...
  5. Ronman

    Landscape with small barn

    CC welcome.
  6. Ronman

    A small portion of barn

    Would y'all give me some CC on this. Good, Bad, or ugly. Stupid waste of everyones time, whatever. I know "another barn" .......but if I get one right maybe I'll be able to move on to some other stuff. #1 A slightly different crop. #2
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  8. Ronman

    Waterdrop disease

    Waterdrop disease is even worser than Barn disease. I'm not sure how much.
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    Time keeps on slippin'
  10. Ronman

    My Kinda Antique Store

  11. Ronman


    This fellow appeared to have survived this injury with no apparent disability.
  12. Ronman

    Gulf Shore

    Something from my Florida trip.
  13. Ronman

    February Florida Escape

    I returned Monday from a trip to Florida to visit my mother near Sarasota, on the Gulf coast. Sunrise in north Fla on the way south, rolling shot through the window. Sarasota, very nice, downtown is on the waterfront. Lots of boats and a neat sculpture park all...
  14. Ronman

    Let's sit a spell

    I've had this photo for a while but it didn't appeal to me until I softened the focus.
  15. Ronman

    Conifer Garden

    Photo from last summer of a portion of my plant collection. Mostly conifers with a few deciduous plants for diversity. ron
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    Automotive Imaging

    Landscape with obstructed view.
  17. Ronman

    A Car Shot

    I didn't alter this shot so much as allow the car to take me here. ron
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    County Hospital Glass

    I took a friend for a doctors appointment this morning, while waiting I drove around the nearby county hospital. I was trying to find something to shoot at, without much luck, when I came up to the entrance and the lobby atrium. Today was the first time I've been out with the new D40X, 18-55 G...
  19. Ronman

    1st Morning Light

    Virginia dairy.
  20. Ronman

    Alfa Romeo

    The top photo was taken at the Fall meet of the AACA in Hershey PA. This is an important car historically, the most advanced of the day(early 1930s). A road car and Gran Prix winner. This was the best of the shots I got, so once again I tried to make something out of nothing. Any opinions about...