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  1. Brad Hardy

    Occupied By Octopi - Before & Afters Included

    Occupied By Octopi is the result of an hour so of time to myself, and well... not a whole lot to do. Pretty simple set up, shot in my bedroom against a white sheet (as to make extraction a little easier), lit with a single profoto pro-7b over head through a 24 inch softbox, grabbed the octopus...
  2. Brad Hardy

    Self Portrait / Processing Video - BradHardy

    Hey guys, it's been some time since I've posted here on thephotoforum... I haven't been shooting as much as I'd like to as of recently, I signed a contract with a company that sort of prohibits me from shooting commercially for anybody apart from them, (whole non-compete thing), so I haven't...
  3. Brad Hardy

    Yo dawg.

  4. Brad Hardy

    Brad & Mud.

    self portrait.
  5. Brad Hardy

    Self VS City

    self portrait.
  6. Brad Hardy

    Whoaaa now.

  7. Brad Hardy


  8. Brad Hardy

    Send me shots to process!!

  9. Brad Hardy

    Light in dark places.

    Nothing special here.
  10. Brad Hardy

    Study Group

    Nowhere near done the post work on this image, but couldn't help but upload it. Enjoy!
  11. Brad Hardy

    What I know about processing.

    There are several members on this site that have asked me how I process some of my images. There are some, I'm sure that hate my work, some that believe that the way I process my images perverts the art of photography. These things may all be true. I really don't know. What I do know is that I...
  12. Brad Hardy


    Thoughts? Lemme hear em.
  13. Brad Hardy


    "Getting ideas is like shaving: if you don't do it every day, you're a bum" -Alex Kroll
  14. Brad Hardy

    Send me shots to process!!

    I can't make any guarantee on result because some shots, no matter how processed, aren't going to look all that hot. BUT, I need the practice, and if you wanna see what your shots would look like with the ole' Brad Hardy touch, either post them in this thread of PM them to me. Thanks -Brad
  15. Brad Hardy

    Fish - WARNING - (somewhat graphic)

  16. Brad Hardy


    What kind of lights do you guys most commonly use for portraiture/product/whatever else??? If possible, post a photo of your gear!!! I myself am always adding, subtracting lights from my arsenal. I keep 1500 watts into umbrellas set up in the studio at all times. I know that sounds a bit...
  17. Brad Hardy

    Hate to post a sunset pic, But check this out.

    Shot this on the Delaware River in Reigelsville NJ from a boat. We were heading in for the night, and this is what we saw. Share your thoughts with me. -Brad
  18. Brad Hardy

    Another Self Portrait

    Doesn't stand up to the other I posted, but it's a different style I suppose. lemme know. :wink:
  19. Brad Hardy

    Another studio shot from last night

    Comments welcome