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  1. Lyanna

    Day out in the garden

    The weather was lovely today here in the Netherlands, so I wanted to do some gardening. I got distracted though by all the little crawlies who came out to see the sun. Here's a couple of them. Here's a little squashbug basking in the sun: A very tiny hoverfly: I was focusing on the...
  2. Lyanna

    Marpissa Muscosa (Jumping Spider)

    Well, it's been a while since I showed my face around here ;) Study, moving, working, it all ate up my time. But hey, summer is finally here, my study year is almost over and I just moved to a more rural area of the country so, taking pics is easier than ever. Yesterday I started exploring...
  3. Lyanna

    Cat photoshoot

    This is my bedroom, the ginger cat is mine, the black cat is his brother and is owned by my neighbour. They had this game going on: one would lie in front, the other in back, and they were willing to pose this time. It was a nice excercise in depth etc. I am curious as to how you think these...
  4. Lyanna

    Have a catty Christmas!

    It's not perfect, but I thought it was sweet :)
  5. Lyanna

    Very first selfdeveloped film

    I've recently started a studies, Communitation and Multi Media Design, and one of the things we are learning right now is photography. In the last quarter of this year we'll be covering digital photography, but for now, we are studying perspective. Our last assignment was to shoot perspective...
  6. Lyanna

    Evil Spider Thingy!

    It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm still alive, but busy with moving house, working AND studying parttime so... Anyway, autumn has hit Holland and subsequently my garden and I couldn't resist taking a macro shot of the orb spider in the back
  7. Lyanna

    Moonrise over Olympic Riviera

    Yeah yeah, yet another one :)
  8. Lyanna

    Macro shot of an ant [insect alert!]

    Ok, I just HAD to take my new macro lens with me on holiday to Greece, and this little bugger was sitting so perfectly still....I know his rear end is out of focus but hell, this was one difficult shot. Whatcha'll think? Species by the way is Cataglyphis nodus, and we are looking at a worker...
  9. Lyanna

    Sunrise on the Olympic Riviera

    Comments are muchly appreciated :)
  10. Lyanna

    I need advice on G5 additional lenses

    Hey there. I can buy a set of new converterlenses for my Canon G5 for a reasonable price. Prices are steep here, and if I were to buy this set in the stores, I'd pay 50 euro's for the converter ring, roughly 120 to 130 euro's for the telephoto converter and roughly 150 for the wide angle. And...
  11. Lyanna

    Neighbour's cat

    Hmmm took this pic the other day. I highly like the colors and the way he's blended into the background. What would you guys have done to improve this pic....or is it ok the way it is? Exposure time: 0.0010 s (1/1000) Aperture: f/4.0
  12. Lyanna

    Visited a friend with a beautiful garden...

    And took some pics, obviously. I think these three are the best of the lot. What do you think? This one kept still so I could take some pics. Very generous of him :D Exposure time: 1/400 Aperture: f/4.0 Some poppies that were bloomed out. The DOF is rather weird, I know, but it...
  13. Lyanna

    The spider and the ant

    Today is the first really warm day here in holland in a long time. Now while that is totally great, it can be gross too cause a whole colony of flying ants decided to hatch under my nose in my garden. Ugh, I hate the little buggers. Anyway, in exterminating them I got a little help. Don't you...
  14. Lyanna

    Two orchids

    Exposure time: 1/20 Aperture: f/3.0 Exposure time: 1/2 Aperture: f/3.0 Sh9ot through glass at the same zoo I shot the aquarium shots at.
  15. Lyanna

    Inspired by Yamant....aquarium photography

    Okay...went to the Oceanium today, the big aquarium at my local zoo and tried my hand at some acquarium shooting. After much swearing, fiddling round with a tripod *pple stare at you when you are by yourself in a zoo by the way, specially when you are carrying around a tripod with a mounted...
  16. Lyanna

    Ok...first post here. Shark

    Now, Yamant got me all enthusiastic to do some aquarium photography. Tis a LOT harder than you think...and then some. Now, there is one pic out of the whole batch I particularly like, but there are some flaws to it. I know that the shark's head is too blownout (you can see it even...
  17. Lyanna

    Kites on Monster Beach

    Yeah, we really have a little town called Monster over here :D Anyway, this was just a spur of the moment trip and I was lucky to have my camera and tripod with me. What do you think? On the first one, there is a little post-processing, cloned out a blue truck that passed by behind the kite...
  18. Lyanna

    Old Harbor and IJssel Lake in Holland (resized!)

    I went out with a friend of mine to shoot some photo's of the old harbor at the place she lives, Hoorn (little town in Holland, situated on the IJssel Lake). The day was drab and dreary, but I shot in black and white and some pics turned out half-decent. I think. Comments? This...
  19. Lyanna

    Cloudy Dutch Skies

    Taken on a trip last weekend. The last one had to be cropped....there was part of my finger on top. Duh.
  20. Lyanna

    Bugs 'n flowers

    I took my cam with me when I was visiting the inlaws and some family and took some shots in their gardens using the macro option. They turned out pretty well, even though the shot with the bee is not completely to my liking cause at the top, the flowers are slightly out of focus...