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  1. Saint-Brown

    Potential Customer First Contact

    Okay, here is the situation. I have signed up for and I am ready to make contact with a few leads that have come my way. My question is, what is your first phone contact like? How much do you discuss on that first contact? Do you immediately ask to meet with them? Any and all...
  2. Saint-Brown

    Wedding Pricing Help

    I have been strugling with wedding package pricing. I don't want to undervalue my work, but I also don't want to "overprice" as I am new to the wedding market, I've only done a weddings to date. How do you price out your packages? How much of a markup do yo guys and gals use.
  3. Saint-Brown

    What's in your bag?????

    When you do home visits for portraits, what do you carry with you. Do you travel lite, ie. camera and speedlight, or do you bring the whole 9 ie back drops, studion lights and such. I'm trying to get my niche and just trying to get a feel for what others are doing.
  4. Saint-Brown

    I'm new here, so forgive me if this has been discussed already. Has anyone used or is currently using photoshelter? If so please let me know how you feel about them and how it works for you. Thanks
  5. Saint-Brown

    Heavy Board Wedding Book

    I've been looking for other options to offer to my wedding clients. I've been seeing this Heavy Board Wedding book on different wedding photographers websites. Any idea who prints and for how much? Here are some links to sites I have seen them on...