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  1. JimmyJaceyMom

    Recent child portrait session

    Oh! haha yes I could see how shooting that many kids and dealing with that many parents would burn you out! lol. I thought that from this post being children, that this is what you were looking to get in to.
  2. JimmyJaceyMom

    senior portrait

    I love her expression but I think the skin smoothing is way overdone, a bit too heavily processed, I bet you don't need all that ;)
  3. JimmyJaceyMom

    Model: Jillian

    The first shot is very neat, nice lighting but I might straighten out the horizon some. :) The second one is a neat idea but her right cheek, right hand and fingers, left arm, left thigh, shorts and shoes are all blown out. I think in print it might be more obvious.
  4. JimmyJaceyMom

    She wanted something snazzy. (NSFW-ish)

    Nice posing and good connection to the model but I agree about the lighting. It gives the tiny mustache look, which she may not even notice of course. Also in the second I would crop some of that empty space off of the left giving it more a rule of thirds look. It will draw you straight to...
  5. JimmyJaceyMom

    Recent child portrait session

    Will you have an assistant on hand when you use your reflector. Just sayin, when you shoot small kids that are constantly moving you may find it difficult to throw a reflector in their direction. If you work on 'finding the light' first, and put the child in that general direction to play and...
  6. JimmyJaceyMom

    First Engagement Session

    I am calibrated as well. To me they do not look dark in the way of an exposure issue, it looks more like a moody darker look has been added with that post processing. I know you probably want the whole series to match so it tells a story but I think like in number three, you can tell she would...
  7. JimmyJaceyMom

    JMK-Just my Kid

    What a cute kid you have :) 9 is your absolute strongest in the post! It's lovely. 12-17 all have hot spots but fun expressions!
  8. JimmyJaceyMom

    First Engagement Session

    I'm not saying that the coloring looks bad necessarily but I just see that with so many beautiful greens, blues, etc in the perfect surroundings and things like the color of her eyes.. everything looks sort of muted and could really take a great picture and make is amazing :) COULD I say, I...
  9. JimmyJaceyMom

    First Engagement Session

    I'm willing to bet that it's whatever the poster is doing in post processing that is giving this effect. Some type of warming filter or action. That's why I super hate actions! lol. I Bet these look a thousand times better without that.
  10. JimmyJaceyMom

    Recent child portrait session

    That is a beautiful girl and a nice pose but the background looks a bit blown to me. I would think that to start with learning about the light she might have an easier time in open shade with an evenly lit background to start. It's a lot to take in to understand that if you meter on your...
  11. JimmyJaceyMom

    Recent child portrait session

    Almost all of the pictures I take are with natural light, no flash and I hardly ever have enough time to stick a reflector in front of them - they're too fast! lol. Do you have an older child that will sit still that you can use for some practice? If so. Once the sun has gone down some, put...
  12. JimmyJaceyMom

    Weddings weddings and more weddings!

    OOOH! I am jealous of 9!
  13. JimmyJaceyMom

    Meg – senior session

    Super duper love number 3! lighting is very nice in all of them :)
  14. JimmyJaceyMom

    First Engagement Session

    I think you have some awesome shots here but I don't think that the action (I'm assuming you have run some type of action on these?) Is very flattering, I bet these would look more awesome without it. Just my opinion. ;)
  15. JimmyJaceyMom

    Recent child portrait session

    Please don't take this the wrong way, I'm not saying it to be mean. I can tell that you have a real passion for photography and I know the best way that i learned was through true critique. These seem a bit like snapshots to me. There are no catchlights in any of the eyes, with exception of...
  16. JimmyJaceyMom

    fall engagment (sorta pic heavy)

    HAHAH I have no idea but she did take a photo of a real heart and had it tattooed on her, an anatomically correct one, you know from the photo. And she said once she dropped a brain! GROSS!
  17. JimmyJaceyMom

    I like to get my pets to pose for me.

    kundalini - I just want to give booboo a big hug! OMG too cute. And I have never seen a dog that looked like 'popcorn' before. That's a very nice thing for you to do for your shelter. :)
  18. JimmyJaceyMom

    I like to get my pets to pose for me.

    Awe what a cute kitty! Adorable. I needed a couple minutes break from my editing anyhow so I took out the slight magenta cast I was seeing on little Teddy and brightened it a tad. I'm a sucker for overexposed look though so it might not reflect him in real life. lol. original: edit:
  19. JimmyJaceyMom

    Badfish @ Ram's Head Live! in Baltimore.

    You have a Mark II! Man I'm jealous of you lucky ones that have the camera I dream of. LOL These are awesome!
  20. JimmyJaceyMom

    I like to get my pets to pose for me.

    I actually didnt use photobucket but these are dark. The dog is very black, when he goes in his cage with that blanket you cant see him haha! But the lightening looks good too. I like it.