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    Sweet baby

    I haven't shared anything in awhile, thought I'd share this collage... Thanks for looking...
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    One Cool Cat...

    I wanted to post a few from this session because this guy is just so cool. He is a local musician and reminded me so much of the old school crooners. He would start singing during the session just so that he would look authentic! I loved that about him. This was literally a 10 min shoot...
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    ..for me at least. I've been playing around with a lot of different lighting setups. Just thought I'd share some recent stuff... Thanks for looking. :)
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    Beauty Full

    This little girl is nothing short of gorgeous and she'll be appearing in a magazine with some of these photos! (Yay!) Here is a link to her slideshow....Give it a minute to load... Thanks for looking.
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    Studio Maternity

    It isn't too often that I get a couple that wants to do a studio maternity, but Monday I did! It was fun but not really my thing because I find studio stuff kinda boring. Anyway, here are a couple of my early edits. Thanks. White on white, why don't clients listen to you about clothing choice?!?
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    Newborn Slideshow

    Per some requests, I decided to post Miss Morgan's slideshow on my blog. My only regret is that the parents didn't want to be involved at all. I think that they were self conscious and didn't want to be photographed, but I promise I tried!! Oh well... Enjoy and thanks for looking...
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    Cutest Baby Ever

    Meet Miss Morgan. She was so scrumptious! Her little chubby cheeks were love at first site! It was probably one of my hardest sessions ever because of bad lighting, bratty older sister all up in my way, neighbors stopping by to watch me shoot, morgan being a liiiiiittle bit too old(12 days, I...
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    Another Slideshow

    I figured that since I haven't posted for awhile, I'd post my most recent slideshow. This was another engagement couple from this weekend. They were SO SO much fun, we had a blast. It was hard to shoot becuase it was full on sun allll day long, my poor assistant's arms were about to fall off...
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    Engagement Show...

    So I chartered into unconfident territory and did an engagement session. (they begged) I've done them before but really feel as though children are my strong point. Let me know what you think.... Engagement Slideshow Thanks. :)
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    Fun Sister Session

    Haven't been around for awhile because I've been taking the month off! I always take Jan. off to recoop from the Holiday Season. I took on way to many clients this past Christmas and will NOT be doing that next year! Anyway, I made an exception to my no work January because these are some...
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    My Welcome Packet (for Bellacat)

    (and anyone else who is interested) Since you asked, here you go girl.... Okay here goes, -The Blue- This is my "policies and information" Sheet. On it I have my session fee, what it covers, and how many images they are guaranteed. I then have information regarding my...
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    My fave session

    This was my favorite shoot this month. This little girl had the most beautiful skin, it was just like porcelain. Her grampa gave her this costume and always refers to her as "Queen Ella" so we did this shot for grandpa. And the leaves that are still around because we live in the south and...
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    Just Sharing...

    ...some recent sessions. Thank goodness I'm done for the Holidays, been really swamped lately. Thanks for looking.
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    A little honesty

    Let me preface this by saying that I am a nice person and I think it is great that there are so many people interested in photography. However.. I've been asked several times why I've been a member for so long with so few posts and here is my response...I feel that this board has gotten a bit...
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    Some more

    I originally posted some pics here.. and figured I'd post a few more from this session. I also forgot to metion that I LOVE it when client's do not listen to your clothing suggestions and wear busy prints anyway! Grrr!!:x Oh are a few more. thanks for...
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    I hate it when cliets won't reschedule!

    It was cold. It was dark. It was rainy. It was her first time at the beach. It was a one year old that is scared of a camera. You know... the PERFECT shoot! :x I hate it when clients will not listen to you when you tell them that the above conditions make for disaster. Oh well. Here...
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    Preggo Shoot

    This couple wanted their shots in their home, which I loved. Here are just a few... and this one because she was just so darn cute!!
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    A cutie from this weekend..

    CC welcomed. Thanks for looking.
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    Our next door neighbor's little girl turned one today. They askend me to snap a portrait of her during her party...what do you think of this one? Thanks for looking. C&C welcome. :)
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    My first kid shoot...

    So here is Madison...a very cute little 4 year old. She was fun to shoot but a little challenging because she wouldn't stay still for even 2 secs!!! As awlays, C&C welcome. Thanks for looking. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.