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    Getty Villa and a LensBaby

    Image #2 = Excellent!!
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    Which lensbaby is the right one for me?

    Recently purchased a Lensbaby (Composer) for my trusty Nikon... It's great fun, but there is a bit of a learning curve. It takes some experimentation and practice to place that “sweet-spot” of focus where you want it in your composition, particularly when using apertures greater...
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    Winged Spawn of Satan...

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    Sunset on the water...

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    Yet another Noob website...

  6. DepthAfield

    please help me identify a photographer

    Sounds a bit like Mark Seliger...
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    Macro for Nikon D80

    I would recommend a set of extension tubes. They work great!:wink:
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    What's YOUR favorite scary movie?

    Even after all these years, and many viewings… The Exorcist still curdles my milk.
  9. DepthAfield

    Arizona Autumn AGAIN.

    I really dig the compositions in this series of photographs. Well done!
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    Latest pics of my son

    Numbers 3 and 4 are very nice. Well done!
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    Here comes the Sun!

    As always... Nicely captured. Well done!
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    Moon Over A Sunset

    Wonderful!! A wall hanger for sure!!
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    The Foggy set

    Well done! Numbers 2,6 and 7 are my faves. All three are wall hangers...
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    This year's halloween costume

    Well done!
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    Nikon nerds... Help!

    Here’s a question for the Nikon Brother/Sisterhood… Can a Nikon p/n 2370 viewfinder adapter be used with a Nikon DR-3 right angle viewfinder? What I wish to do, is use a DR-3 (with round finder attachment) on my D200 (rectangular finder). The 2370 adapter sounds like it might...
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    Need help from a creative mind

    I would definitely NOT turn your lovely model into a B/W while leaving the leaves in color!! It makes her look like a corpse.
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    depth of field or lack of...

    Agggghhhh!!! This is the best utility-based photo site I’ve seen in quite some time. Thank you!
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    Ceiling view photos?

    Make the image while standing on a ladder? Am I missing something here??:wink:
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    1st try at waterfalls.

    I keep coming back to this thread to look at this photo… I really dig the composition. Have you considered perhaps putting a bit more pop into the yellow and red leaf tones? A tad more unsharp mask might also be useful. This image is a wall hanger for sure.
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    1st try at waterfalls.

    This is a first attempt at veiling? Kudos to you, brother… Well done! As LaFoto pointed out, the image is a bit hot in spots, but not overly so. What was your shutter speed? I generally try to keep water veiling exposures under 2 seconds, so as to maintain some detail in the flow of...