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  1. DPW2007

    A heads up!

    Well, I am pleased to say my clunky javascript/css/html based web site has now been replaced with a swish flash set up. I am still making a backup-html web site for those of us who do not have flash capabilities on our computers/browsers. Anyways, web site is still the same...
  2. DPW2007

    I should be a model! (Self portraits of me)

    Hey everyone, I had some fun with a few grafittied walls, my tripod, at times my flashgun, onboard flash and self timer. As I figured I wanted to try something different these are a few of my most favourite shots. This is the first time I have done this before!! Few that turned...
  3. DPW2007

    Derelict Staircases

    Two of the best from when I went out and about with ferny; 1. Metal Staircase 2. Rusty Staircase
  4. DPW2007

    Mutilating an old Minolta 7000

    Hey everyone, I have a Minolta 7000 that lets in light - noticeable by red bands that have come across prints from various films. A while ago, I took it to a local dealer, who was going to charge around £70 to fix it. That's the same as three Minolta 7000s! So I ended up buying a few spare...
  5. DPW2007

    Self Harm (A gruesome poem).

    Self Harm, by DPW2007 Knock Knock At the Bathroom Door Knock Knock Knock But it's locked. But it's locked. Inside a cold wind blows From a cracked open window In a dark winter month Inside, some Spiders make webs A Cockroach crawls A tap drips every second Drip. Drip. Drip. On a...
  6. DPW2007

    Spec me a digital camera

    Hey everyone, I have been invited to a Stag party in Prague. However, I don't want to fumble with my SLR cameras or risk losing or getting them stolen. There is the chance of a lot of drink flowing.. so bringing along an SLR would be a bad thing! Could anyone suggest any slr style or point...
  7. DPW2007

    HDR in Photoshop 7.0?

    Hey everyone, I have Photoshop Elements 2.0 and Photoshop 7.0. Does either title offer any HDR capabilities? Thanks, David
  8. DPW2007

    This is the latest revision of my web site. Built in CSS/HTML and my best creation so far, along with a neat image browsing java-script I have implemented which I got for free (and gave full credit for at the bottom). Aim to do the following to it (when I next...
  9. DPW2007

    Are close up filters any good?

    Hey everyone, I have various lenses - mostly slow ones. Whilst I was looking at fast prime lenses - wide and telephoto, I came across some close up filters. Are they recommended for close up/macro photography and has anyone had any experience using them that they can report on? Thanks, David
  10. DPW2007

    Hello and welcome, from me!

    Hey everyone, I'm David and I have been doing photography on and off since March 2005. I know ferny from these here forums, amongst others and I am mainly a digital camera user. I use my film camera on occasion, but I can't develop my own films so I am mainly a digital user. Anyway, a few of...