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  1. melcooney


    Thanks Archangel... I'll give it a try, after all: that's how I learn! :D
  2. melcooney


    I took the first picture of the sunset and then added the second picture of the waves as a second layer. I think what I was trying to accomplish is impossible as the reason it looks unnatural is the pictures were taken on two different days at two different angles of the beach. No, my feelings...
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    I took two pictures and PSed them together. I'm not so sure of the outcome. I adjusted the opacity of the second layer, but is it too light? All comments are appreciated.
  4. melcooney

    Get Your Thrills

    I like the curves and tone of this picture. Very nice in B&W!
  5. melcooney

    A glance

    Cool shot all around! The Harley, the man, the church... I can not see the halo, either, did you remove it?
  6. melcooney

    Wall of Water

    Nice adjustment of color! You are right, it dows look like a huge wall! Don't you just LOVE the ocean?!?:mrgreen:
  7. melcooney

    pas de kaka c'est par la ->

    I really like the angle of the sign including the fence in the shot. Good job!
  8. melcooney

    Small Church

    The colors are spectaculasr in this shot! The crop is good, too. Very crisp and well centered. I really like the idea that you got the sky (blue), Ivy (green), blossoms (pink), roof (black and turquoise), and of course the church (brick.)
  9. melcooney

    A very wet Airshow (56k)

    I really like the Seaking... is that a heliocopter? All the pictures are nice, just like the clouds in the first two the best. They are a nice back- drop for the planes!
  10. melcooney

    Lostprophet with his vest fettish

    Such fun! Thanks for the laugh this morning!
  11. melcooney

    May Flowers (6 pix)

    Thank you WNK...and thanks for the critique LaFoto...:D
  12. melcooney

    Some Still-life Photography...

    Thank you WNK and Jweebo!
  13. melcooney

    Trying Selective coloring...

    Thanks WNK!
  14. melcooney

    Just Jake

    Thanks Jemmy!
  15. melcooney

    May Flowers (6 pix)

    Thank you!
  16. melcooney

    Art Appreciation

    I have to disagree here. IMO just because you have a great camera does not mean that the pictures you take will be fabulous. For me, taking pictures as well as drawing or painting pictures takes a degree of raw talent that can be refined and sharpened if exercised ---like a muscle. Granted...
  17. melcooney

    can anyone help please?

    I think the rainbow in B&W is a good idea... and Rob, your bit on Alanic had me LOL ;)
  18. melcooney

    Some Still-life Photography...

    Thanks Randog! :D
  19. melcooney

    May Flowers (6 pix)

    Thank you! :D
  20. melcooney

    Some Still-life Photography...

    Was playing with lighting and then in PS with different settings... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.