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  1. ga_shooter

    an odd experiment

    steph, the images you posted are exactly the answer I was looking for. There is a lot more to it, you have some really inspiring shots.
  2. ga_shooter

    an odd experiment

    They are digital. I have no idea what to expect, or if this is it. If it is, i have to wonder, why is my uncle so in to this?? I guess i thought i was just missing something and that there was more to it then what i got.
  3. ga_shooter

    an odd experiment

    My uncle gave me a pinhole lens a few months ago and i just got around to playing with it. I had no idea what to expect and now have no idea how to improve. Any suggestions on how to get better pics this way would be most helpful.
  4. ga_shooter

    sleeping beauty's castle...

    I love the second shot, it is amazing. I think the first one suffers from due to the trees, perhaps being shot from off to the side would work a little better there.
  5. ga_shooter


    thank you for the information. I will get it taken care of as soon as i can, oh, and i'll clean the sensor...
  6. ga_shooter


    My 28-135mm lens has dust inside it. Not where i can reach but i can see it. If i zoom in on images and it when i look into the lens from the front i can see it and its making me nuts! How in the world did this happen, and how in the world do i get it out??!!???!?!?!?
  7. ga_shooter

    Second attempt

    I think ths shot is over sharpend, please CC. It is the only one from the series that i have had the time to monkey with.
  8. ga_shooter

    more of my sister c&c

    It is better all warmed up, but what a GREAT capture! You couldn't plan that kind of shot; she looks so mischevious.
  9. ga_shooter

    Angelic children at a party

    I think that number 5 had a lot of potential, they all seem a little soft to me though.
  10. ga_shooter

    C&C Please! First attempt at childrens portraits

    Thanks Traveler, I think that the next round i print out for Grandma I will crop them better. It never pays to rush, eh?
  11. ga_shooter

    Not impressed with the beach.

    I think this shot is just beautiful, very well done.
  12. ga_shooter

    Trying out a new PS

    I think the face is slightly plasticy, but more importantly how in the world did you get the dog to sit like that? Its so cute.
  13. ga_shooter

    ** New Floral Macro ** c&c welcome

    one and six are the most interesting IMO
  14. ga_shooter

    Paint By Numbers (16 pics)

    Too hard to pick a favorite here. You are so lucky to have such interesting subject matter, all i ever get asked to shoot are 5 year old's birthday parties.
  15. ga_shooter

    the look

    Not TOO cliche...hehe. J/K. I would crop it so that there was less nose to make the head lower in the shot. I like the image overall, its well done IMHO.
  16. ga_shooter

    C&C Please! First attempt at childrens portraits

    Ok, i didn't even think of the tree head thing, and that is so funny. I will never see this picture the same way again. In total agreement with your accessments, next time i'll slow down.
  17. ga_shooter

    Self Portrait - Low Key - C&C

    I like the first one better than the lighter one, there is more emotion in it. Good job.
  18. ga_shooter

    C&C Please! First attempt at childrens portraits

    I shot these yesterday, it is the first time i have attempted the whole staged portrait type of thing. I forgot to swith the camera back to RAW because i had been shooting snapshots for ebay in jpeg, so these have no processing done. Please C&C!
  19. ga_shooter

    tried to make a bad photo look good

    Well, to each their own. Maybe im getting old, to me he is scrawny, like he hasn't gone through puberty yet. Or maybe its that he is short?? Or his legs are skinny?? Who knows.
  20. ga_shooter

    Ok.. attempt 2 at self portraits.. probably not work safe

    Hey now, ghetto is an art form in and of itself. I like the first one, its haunting.