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  1. Foffen

    Pathway - sort of vanishing point

    It's so green, you could almost get away with calling it abstract. ;) My better half is sitting right next to me saying how much she likes it.. I think it's a bit too green, so you lose a lot of detail. Sorry, but it doesn't do it for me.. Fo
  2. Foffen

    30 second exposure

    I really like the clouds, but something more eyecatching in the foreground wouldn't mind here, imo.. But I think you got the lights and the clouds spot on. Nice work! Fo
  3. Foffen

    Simple shot advice

    Looking forward to see some more. :) Fo
  4. Foffen

    CD Cover possibility

    Agree with plenty and Rebecca. You got the job done, - congrats.
  5. Foffen

    Simple shot advice

    I quickly cropped the shot like I would have.. It might no be worth a dime, but it's a suggestion.. Let me hear what you think. Fo
  6. Foffen

    TPF group for facebook users!

    Well, I can join one of the other ones, and shut down mine.. First of all. Didn't know about the other groups. My quick search around before I added mine was probably a bit too quick. Fo
  7. Foffen

    Back in action!

    #6 does it for me.. My kind of art. :)
  8. Foffen

    CD Cover possibility

    I think the butterfly would have been a much greater idea if it was b/w and smaller. That way you could have made some more butterflies, and made it look like a part of the picture. The way it is now, makes it look like it's misplaced, and at first glance it looks like he has some kind of...
  9. Foffen

    portrait of my little boy

    Wow. That is a nice one! Nice detail and colour.. And what an expression! :) I can't decide if I think the left side of his face is to dark or not, but you might wanna play a bit with it in PS, and it COULD get even better.. Worth a try! Congrats with a great photo of a great kid!
  10. Foffen


    That is dramatic! Cool effects. #1 for me.
  11. Foffen

    yes, no?

    I think your lightning is ok, but imo the shots lacks identity. They really don't tell me anything. I think the second one could have been a nice one, but I was sorry to see you had cut the trees.. Man, I'm harsh. Anyway, I think you are really lucky to have an entire golf court to shoot at...
  12. Foffen

    TPF group for facebook users!

    Yes, that would be the correct link. I was ment to say the name of the group, and I didn't notice it became a link. :) Thank you! Yes, you can just press "Join group.", and the admins (just me atm) of the group will have to validate you as a member.. And that, my friend, will be no problem...
  13. Foffen

    TPF group for facebook users!

    Hi. I just created a group at facebook for TPF users. It's a closed group, so you will have to get your request accepted before you are in. The group is called I hope this is interesting for some of you. See you. ;)
  14. Foffen


    I think #2 is great.. Looks like sumkinda commercial. Greatings from fellow musician.
  15. Foffen

    My second comeback to TPP this year - introducing - The Flower!

    Thank you, I'll try that the next time. :)
  16. Foffen

    My second comeback to TPP this year - introducing - The Flower!

    And once again I return to TPP, and I hope, this time I am back to stay.. Yeah.. This is a slightly edited picture of a flower.. Hope you like it. All kinds of C&C is highly appreciated.
  17. Foffen

    Golden Morning...

    The last two are my favs., great colors and high contrast! I believe that a person would be a great addition to both of 'em. Thanks for posting.
  18. Foffen

    Portrait of Lisa, easter 2006 (yup, a while ago).

    This is, as the title already told you, this is a portrait of my very own Lisa from easter last year.. This one is taken a few hundred metres above my parents cottage, on a beautiful mountain in Northern Norway.. C&C are highly appreciated.
  19. Foffen

    One more from the water mill

    Seems everybody got here before I did.. Anyways, great job, LaFoto. It's good to finally see your work again. :)
  20. Foffen

    Desert Graffiti

    Neat colors and sky.. Great composition!