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  1. Dean_Gretsch

    "Denise And Petey..."

    Looks like Petey found the shade and doesn't want to leave it:1219: Nice one!
  2. Dean_Gretsch

    Ant on Milkweed

    Top notch, Jeff. These remind me of something...I just can't quite put my finger on it:laugh2:
  3. Dean_Gretsch

    Copper and Ant

    I am sure there are different varieties, but the milkweed I am familiar with has white and pink blooms. Ok, I just googled it and looks like you are right! Orange milkweed😂 Learn something new every day!
  4. Dean_Gretsch

    Copper and Ant

    Thank you, Jeff. Thanks, Jeff. I will have to ask my wife what these flowers are. She told me just the other evening, but I have forgotten😂
  5. Dean_Gretsch

    Copper and Ant

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  6. Dean_Gretsch

    The Coffee House

    I wanted to see what it felt like in my hand but they seem so fragile and tiny, I just pulled the spring to open the coil and never touched it.
  7. Dean_Gretsch

    The Coffee House

    Me too! That’s why I freed it after the split second thought. We love to watch them and I believe it’s his own habit of vigorously defending “ his “ feeders that probably caused the problem.
  8. Dean_Gretsch

    The Coffee House

    Yeah, my mother said it’s been very hot there too in south central Kentucky. I think I heard we are about 4 inches precipitation above average for June, so we have had a lot of cloud cover.
  9. Dean_Gretsch

    The Coffee House

    Well, a first for me this afternoon. I was out on the patio putting my tools away from carving another wood spirit and about to go in the house when I noticed a male ruby throat hummingbird in quite the predicament! My wife has a couple solar powered glass flowers with color changing bulbs...
  10. Dean_Gretsch

    Believe it or not, this was taken in Iowa.

    Great colors. Nicely seen and photographed.
  11. Dean_Gretsch

    New addition to the (guitar) family

    Beautiful. How’s the tone?
  12. Dean_Gretsch

    And the next shot is...

    and the next shot has a unicycle in it.
  13. Dean_Gretsch

    And the next shot is...

    and the next shot has a steam locomotive.
  14. Dean_Gretsch

    Temple of the Holy Spirit

    I like the composition very much. Have you tried editing out the electronic sign? Might give it a more vintage feel, even though you weren’t going for that.
  15. Dean_Gretsch

    The Coffee House

    I am sitting under the patio umbrella as I write this, not for shade, but to keep the light drizzle off me:lol: Currently 62 deg F. We have that roller coaster pattern too.
  16. Dean_Gretsch

    mature coyote

    Great shot, Zulu. Lots never get to see these. Thanks!
  17. Dean_Gretsch

    Music Blasting Willys

    I think that meets the definition of a sound machine😊
  18. Dean_Gretsch

    And the next shot is...

    and the next has cacti in it.
  19. Dean_Gretsch

    The Other Texas

    We traveled by bus from basic training in San Antonio to my tech school in Biloxi, Mississippi and saw many types of landscape in Texas. It is very diverse.
  20. Dean_Gretsch

    Niva Chiva