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  1. Dean_Gretsch

    Copper and Ant

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    Yes, we feed them

  3. Dean_Gretsch

    Wood Spirit

    Carved my first " wood spirit " today. Turned out ok, but then I have low standards as you can tell by my photos:lol:
  4. Dean_Gretsch

    Mama to be ( hopefully )

    I found this snapping turtle laying her eggs this morning. All along this path there was evidence that other's had not been successful. Eggs were dug up and eaten, perhaps by raccoons.
  5. Dean_Gretsch

    Unknown Insect

    @jeffashman will hopefully see this and ID it with his app:1219: I haven't a clue. Just though it was interesting sitting on one of our variegated cattails in the little ornamental pond.
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    Heart of the Matter

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    Daisy's Guest

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    Today's Catch

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    Faerie Bath

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    Dead and Dried

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    About to take the plunge...

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    Low light conditions tell me to bring out the Lensbaby...

    1 Droplet on Hosta 2 Hang in There, Baby! 3 Orange Azalea Stamen 4 The Unfurling
  14. Dean_Gretsch

    She Feeds Me Well

    No, no! I'm not judging, Mr. Hummer!:biglaugh:
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    Found A New Nest

  16. Dean_Gretsch

    Muskrat and Chippie

    Muskrat Chipmunk
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    Young Snake

    Not sure what kind this one is, but definitely interested in me and the camera. It allowed me to get right up in it's face! 1 2 3
  18. Dean_Gretsch

    Phil's Prediction

    Sometimes that little furry creature just doesn't get the respect he should:lol: The scene outside today in NEPA.
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    Teach A Man To Fish...

  20. Dean_Gretsch

    Bees and Skippers ( 7 Photos )

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