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    Nice. My kind of shot.. Love the wall textures as well.
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    Joshua on the Swings

    TY all. Happy New Year!
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    Joshua on the Swings

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    The death of C&C

    I think there's a legitimate concern being addressed here. Clearly that opinion is not the majority. I've shared my views and they appear not to be shared by others . I will move on and let you all be. If I ever feel the need to share my love of photography I know where not to go. Take care.
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    The death of C&C

    OK. Then why do these forums exist: The Aspiring Professionals Forum General Shop Talk Commercial/Product photography The Professional Gallery
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    The death of C&C

    Well, I suppose you're right. I mean, it's only useful if people agree there's a problem and a solution needs to be found. If everyone is fine with the current state, then by all means carry on. But then here were are at post 149. There is a difference between photography and snapshots. And...
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    The death of C&C

    How have I answered my own question? People are complaining about the quality of the images posted here and specifically about the fact that no one critiques these images accordingly. Really? Not sure I agree. They are different things in my mind at any rate. Maybe you mean that TPF can...
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    The death of C&C

    Chicken and egg. Quality photos and quality commentary attract a certain type of member. Letting entropy decide the fate of anything is a race to mediocrity.
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    The death of C&C

    What does TPF want to be - a photography forum or a snapshot sharing hangout? Are the mods and members acting in such a way to promote one over the other? I have not post anywhere regularly for some time so feel free to ignore me. I still take plenty of shots. I spent an hour or so looking...
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    The death of C&C

    Are people upset that there is not enough critique, or are people upset that photos that they consider poor are not called out as such or are "liked"? I get the sense it's the latter, but maybe I'm misreading ... I joined a little after that. I agree with everything you said, but you have to...
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    Snowscape b&w

    It's an OK image. It's a bit flat. Looks like a nice location. I'm guessing this was a grey day as there are few shadows. I would go back and try again with better light - maybe a misty with morning with light streaming through the trees. The framing seems off. I would try to get the...
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    Weekly challenge 1/2 - 1/8 Our fine feathered friends

    I think you might be limiting yourself with respect to the creativity that comes from working with what you have. I get a lot of satisfaction working around the "limitations" of my gear. These limitations can be a source of inspiration. No, I won't get an amazing shot with feather detail...
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    "Mr Blue..."

    Love the expression. His pose makes him look like he wants nothing to do with being photographed. That's not a negative, just an observation. I think it's a plus actually. I'm not sure why you shot at f/13. You have a flash, a great camera, and a fast lens and the photo looks very soft in...
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    Mirror 77

    I like the idea, but these don't really work for me. The best way I can describe it is that the composition feels claustrophobic. The portrait orientation of the mirror being centered in the portrait oriented frame feels "off" and crowded. I think that maybe the vertical orientation of the...
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    What to do with this ?

    Being able to curate your own work in an important skill. I would not consider this a keeper worth any time in post processing - but that's just me. Consider it a learning experience and go back and re-shoot, making changes to technique such as using bracketing, HDR, flash, graduated ND...
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    Kim on Couch (moderately NSFW)

    I realize you're working with what you've got, but a couple additional comments: Everything in the frame is part of the composition. You seem to have oriented the model in the composition at the expense of the couch and I find that to be a problem. Positioning the model and couch properly...
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    The death of C&C

    Took a quick look at the new C&C gallery. Was disappointed to see people continuing to use the "like" buttons there. Too bad that can't be turned off for that area of the site. I do wish you luck with it though.
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    Thanks all.