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    London Street (style/Fashion) Photography

    done :)
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    Help Me Decide..(Prices)

    So today I went to Best Buy and got to hold the T2i, 60D and 7D. I like everything about the T2i except the toy camera feeling. But I do know it can take exceptional photos when paired with a nice lens too. The 60D, I really like everything EXCEPT the screen. I just don't like the articulating...
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    Is this right? 60D comparison..

    Disclaimer: I'm not familiar with DSLRs, I'm only familiar with my film SLR and manual focus. AF is completely new to me.. 1. I'm deciding between the T2i and 60D STILL.:thumbdown: I thought I was fixed on the 60D until apparently on Best Buy through the comparison button, the 60D only goes up...
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    Someone Enlighten Me? ^.^

    Some Questions. :taped sh: Some background information: -Primarily shooting portraits: fashion/editorial will be the majority. -Low light & Natural/available light will be typical situations. -The lens I'll be using will be the Canon 50mm f/1.8 II -The camera? Well I'm in the horrible 60D vs...
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    Light & Film, respectively.

    Hello all that view this thread.:D i bet I'm starting to become notorious for my block-o-texts. :blushing: sorry, i talk a lot.:-P Before I ask my questions, here's a little about me and my dilemma: I primarily shoot film: (mostly) Tri-X 400 pulled @ 200. My last big project (some may know...
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    Getting locations for shoots

    Getting locations for shoots Okay, so I have a major project going on right now, mainly for my advanced photo class but also for my personal portfolio. It's going to be mostly conceptual and about Teenagers/Young adults and their behaviors, insecurities, 'adventures', and such. I have so...
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    Negative Scanner?! ._.

    Please don't be alarmed at my block-'o'-text! Stay. (: Okay. So I'm mainly a film shooter, and the way I 'digitize' my film work is by scanning the prints, so scanning negatives are unfamiliar territory to me. I've always heard about negative scanners and such, but never paid much mind to it...
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    Photographers for reference?

    For the next three months I'm going to be working on a photo project with the theme of 'Teenagers', I want to try and make it environmental as well, but not entirely so. I think I want to focus on certain scenarios first, but for now I just want to look at other photographers' work in the same...
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    The option for thanking people are disabled for me in some threads on certain people. :thumbdown::x
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    :confused: I just noticed that the T1i isn't thaaat expensive, for some reason I thought it was like $1,000. I want the canon 50mm 1.8, so just assume I'm talking body only right now. I might get the kit lens but...:er: Besides the T1i being an 'upgrade' compared to the xsi/xti [both of which I...
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    Canon Xsi/Xti/XS/XT Kit Lens

    I primarily use film, but was thinking of taking digital photography my next semester so I was talking to my photo professor about how I wanted to buy an xti or xsi and she said that the many students she's had with those cameras and the kit lens, have distortions on their photos. She says the...
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    The Body Project (:

    Latest newsss: Can't change the thread's title again, but it WOULD be: TeenEDGE Project. This is my fall '10 semester Advanced Photography project focusing on the theme of Teens/Young Adults habits, activities, insecurities and such. I specialize in B&W Film Photography, so eat your hearts out...
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    Photographing Hands & Feet

    :greenpbl:Hi, for this whole semester in my Intermediate B&W Photography Class I chose to shoot "The Body". I have most of the body covered but I need to start shooting hands, feeet, fingers, toes, including arms and ankles/calves. My professor suggested that I shoot more "awkward" positions of...
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    B&W Film Lighting Questions (:

    1. I know about bouncing light off white walls/ceilings to soften the light. And I know that bouncing it off colored walls/ceilings can color cast, but what about in B&W film? I'm going to be shooting a bedroom portrait series as an all-semester assignment and I'll be using tri-x 400 pulled to...
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    Capturing Smoke on Film?

    :grumpy: Okay, so I'm going to be shooting portraits as my assignment for the whole semester. They're going to be indoor [bedrooms] and shot on Tri-X 400 with either my external flash, or with natural light. These portraits are going to be nude/semi-nude and with one of my models that smoke...
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    Flash & Lens Recommendations?

    Hey, I have a photo-project for my photography class and I will be doing low-light (b&w film) portraiture. I have a Konica Autoreflex TC with a 50mm 1.7 lens, but I am thinking of getting the 135mm 3.5 telephoto lens...will that be an okay lens for the type of photography I want to do? Also, I...
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    Any Savvy Lens-People out there?

    :sillysmi: Hi, I have some questions about some lenses, their mounts, quality, sharpness, and any experiences w/ them/brands. Also, I'm kind of new to "lens-code" :lmao: :-Pbut I would like to know what 1:2.8 means, and such.:heart: I know it's a lot, but I know I've come to the right...
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    F-stop on lens?

    What does that mean? My lens is the Konica Hexanon AR 50mm F1.7 F1.7 meaning? :grumpy:
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    Konica Autoreflex TC Help?

    I'm the new owner of this little camera and can't figure out how to put my UV filter onto it. The lens on the camera is the basic konica hexanon 50mm f1.7 and the filter has a hood and is Tiffen UV filter. I read somewhere that you have to put the filter behind the lens..but I just don't...
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    Date Model Cameras

    is the imprinting of the date optional?