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  1. Rick50

    Beach Volleyball

    I was walking on the beach with Tanya and we sat on a bench at the right spot!
  2. Rick50

    Intrepid 4x5

    I meant to put this in "Lets see your camera" Should be fun - I have 5 lens. With a Horseman 6x9 Roll film (120) holder.
  3. Rick50


    This is not what I had hoped for but it came out as an HDR. I wanted the clouds to light up and they refused. Oh well, try another day.
  4. Rick50

    Canon G7X Mk II

    Last fall I bought this as a keep with me Camera. It lives in my car and has worked out very well. I have a Sirui carbon fiber mono pod and use it has a walking stick with camera on top. A couple of days ago I was up early, before sunrise, and went out for coffee and watch the sun rise. I...
  5. Rick50

    Breaking Clouds

    Near home.
  6. Rick50


    Kestrel Falcon Red Tail Hawk - Juvenile Harris's Hawk Gyr Falcon Peregrine Falcon
  7. Rick50

    Selfie like Smoke &John

    I decided to stay with speedlites so I bought another one (now have 3) and a 26" Westcott Octabox and a Westcott stripbox. Plus I got a C-Stand which has already been a blessing. So while everyone was celebrating the new year I set up my lights and a tethered connection to my laptop. This is a...
  8. Rick50

    Constant vs Flash lighting

    So I'm thinking I want to go to constant lighting for in home studio. It has some advantages. One is a constant view of shadowing and specular highlights. The other is lens focusing. I get a bit tired of switching to live view, adjusting my shutter speed so I can see and then refocusing every...
  9. Rick50

    Ann - Headshot

    Round 2 of my head shot attempts. This is simple clamshell lighting using a B800 with a 2'x3' soft box for the main (upper light) and a speed light with a small soft box for the fill (lower light). Used the 2nd B800 on the background. I think this is an improvement over the last image as I now...
  10. Rick50


    Back to some people photo's. I'm starting a project of doing some photo's of elderly people (OK, over 50). So my friend Tanya (the youngest at age 58) volunteered to be a sit in for me. My thinking was to blast them with light very much like a Joel Grimes high key glamour shot. This would reduce...
  11. Rick50

    Super Moon in HDR

    I caught some sky color. [/url]
  12. Rick50

    Exposure math

    Went out the other night to try out the Cambo 4x5. Figured I would try some filters. By the 4th shot I was using 3 filters. A #8 yellow to darken the sky, a 2 stop split grad to increase exposure on the water, and a 6 stop little stopper to smooth out the water. After all the math in my head and...
  13. Rick50

    Homemade wooden 4x5

    Got this from my friend George after he passed. His wife gave it to me. I thought it was just a show piece for a shelf or something. Got it home and it had a real lens on it (180mm Schneider) so I thought maybe I can make this work. I had to jury rig a film holder / ground glass mount but I...
  14. Rick50

    Thank god for kodachrome

    I drove out to Bryce Canyon Utah before sunrise and managed to hit 4 deer. 3 got knocked to the ground and all jumped up and ran off. I continued on and got some photos. Boy am I glad I did. This has been in a storage box since. This was almost 30 years ago.
  15. Rick50

    Kodachrome and Epson V800 scanner

    As I learn this scanner I'm getting impressed with the images it renders. These are from the late 80's in a few Utah Nat. Parks.
  16. Rick50

    First 4x5 film in 28 years

    I shot, developed, and scanned this today. This could be real fun again. ILFORD Delta 100 film, DD-X Developer, and the rest Ilford too. Cambo 4x5 with Shchneider 210mm, 5.6 lens. Scanned at 1200 DPI (file = 48MB). I tried 3200 DPI and file was 320MB. Using Epson V800. [/url
  17. Rick50

    Polaroid Model 545 4x5 Film Holder

    I dug through my storage and found an old box with a bunch of slides from the 80's. Well, at the bottom of this box was the polaroid holder ands some polaroid prints. Sure brought back memories. I last shot 4x5 in 1989 as I lost the use of the dark room because of water shortage. In the box was...
  18. Rick50

    Ma and Pa Kettle

    A friend suggested this title and I guess it fits. I sure hope he leavers the car just like this and doesn't try to paint, etc.
  19. Rick50

    Tricycle when it grows up

  20. Rick50

    Geisel Library