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  1. Glostars

    Is Photography As We Know It Dying?

    I think Photography is just evolving, not dying. Things change or disappear, that's how it is in many industries. Photography, a few centuries ago, was accessible for just a few. Now, it is for everyone who has a phone. Photography, as an art, is changing rapidly just as technology changes. It...
  2. Glostars

    How did you hear about - Film and Digital Photography Forum

    I actually got recommended by a colleague from work. She reads a lot from this site.
  3. Glostars

    Out there somewhere...

    Out there somewhere...
  4. Glostars

    Out there somewher...

    Out there somewher...
  5. Glostars

    Greetings from Finland

    Hi everybody! My name is Jonathan and I am an ameteur/enthusiastic photographer. I have little experience with photography, but I am a fast learner. I hope I can learn a lot in this forum and be able to share some of my work with you guys. I am currently living in Finland so I expect to be...
  6. Glostars

    Best gear for winter photography

    He has a village named after him in the north near the arctic cirle :D
  7. Glostars

    Best gear for winter photography

    I have tried sometimes taking photos with my cellphone camera during -20 C temperature and it's almost impossible to do it without gloves. So I will definitely need a camera that is confortable enough to do the clicks with thick gloves. Thanks for that observation! All the best!
  8. Glostars

    Best gear for winter photography

    Ohh yes! Glöögi here is a very big thing during winter time. If I could only share it with some expensive electronic equipment... :dejection:
  9. Glostars

    Best gear for winter photography

    I agree on the cold thing. Weather can be seriously harsh during winter here. I will probably take long sessions in the forest I definitely need to take in mind that factor. Temperature can drop to -25 in some places during the day. I am inclining more towards DSLR for budget reasons, but one...
  10. Glostars

    Best gear for winter photography

    Heheh... indeed I need to actually consider that I might be taking long session in cold weather so it's going to be cold. Thanks for your comment! I am considering getting a middle range (budget wise) DSLR to begin with. All the best!
  11. Glostars

    Best gear for winter photography

    Hi everybody, What is the best gear I can use to get good winterish photographs? I live in Finland and I always wanted to get good images during winter where everything gets snowy white and the cities are colorful. However sometimes my smatphone doesn't get the captures right. So now I'm...