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  1. Rick50

    Post your favorite shot from your most recent roll

    As near as I can tell this is Kodak 100 Ektachrome Professional Color reversal 4x5 film. I used the notches to determine it is Kodak and not Fuji. I only have a few exposures made with it but it was some nice film indeed. I had this processed in a lab. Taken in Tucson Az circa 1989. Scanned...
  2. Rick50

    Post your favorite shot from your most recent roll

    Kodak TMax 100, Epson V800, Cambo 4x5. Not exactly recent but I found the negs only 2 days ago. This had never been printed. From winter of '89 or so. Half Dome with snow
  3. Rick50

    Cafe, Denton, Tx

    Cool. Love the lights on the ceiling.
  4. Rick50


    The photo came out well but it could have been slightly wider. My main comment is that they couldn't have made the girder system any more complicated. I suspect they did it for looks I'm not getting it. :-)
  5. Rick50

    Taken this evening in the fading light.

    Nice Ron, I would crop out the top one.
  6. Rick50

    Shooting again! C&C I'm rusty!

    Like this last one the best. Good job Trever!
  7. Rick50

    Lilies Of The Field

    Very nice Ed!
  8. Rick50

    L.A. Bike / L.A. Sunshine

    Someone is making a statement with their bike. Good catch!
  9. Rick50

    Beach Volleyball

    Thanks. Thanks - It was being in the right place.......
  10. Rick50

    Minimal Sunset

    Love it!
  11. Rick50

    Patience Please!!!!!

    Wonderful poses. Really good job!
  12. Rick50

    Beach Volleyball

    I was walking on the beach with Tanya and we sat on a bench at the right spot!
  13. Rick50

    Zhiyun Crane 2 strange stiffness

    I have the Crane-M and once you turn the power off they go very loose and unpredictable as gravity takes over and you have 3 axis that are uncontrolled. I wouldn't worry about it unless it behaves funny with power on.
  14. Rick50

    Cranes (but not birds)

    Good shots. Those things always amaze me. I keep waiting for them to fall over (and sometimes they do). :-)
  15. Rick50

    And the sun never came. (with a second color-ish edit for fun)

    Nice location. Try another day. :-)
  16. Rick50

    Watch it! Third Step's a Doozy!

    Good catch. Better not be a drinker and live on the 2nd floor. :-) Hope you like the G7x, the more I use mine the more I'm impressed. I'm now shooting video with it.
  17. Rick50

    Can this count as my brick wall shot?

    Yes, counts. :-)
  18. Rick50

    Deep shade egret

    Love it. Especially the 2nd edit (not Brents).
  19. Rick50

    Spring in Iowa

    For me it was an awful time of year. Can't wait for Spring and Winter taunts you. Glad I moved away. :-)
  20. Rick50

    Skater Girl

    Very nice and another good pose. :-)