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  1. Jethro

    Winter is coming - C&C please! :)

    Couple of shots of my friends from our yesterdays walk in the park :) what do you guys think?! image hosting jpeg image hosting gif hosting images
  2. Jethro


    Heya :) So, this weekend I went to see my friend to another city and to celebrate his birthday, and since the city has some old factories and warehouses I coudnt resist the oportunity :) Kudos to the model for not freezing to death in that dress, it was about 2 celsius and with a very cold...
  3. Jethro

    First shoot with new flash! C&C please

    Hey everyone :) So, I finally got a FLASH! It's Speedlite 580EX II and I am soooo excited about it! It was a pre-Christmas Christmas present from my parents, I got it yesterday and was so happy about it that I made my friend pose for me today :D It's all new for me since it was my very first...
  4. Jethro

    Veronica session

    Another session with one of my friends :) whole set: Werush by Jetthro T at Coroflot Hope they are not too big :) eq used: Canon 7D, Canon 50mm/F1.8 Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with
  5. Jethro

    How much have you charged when you started?

    Hey guys. So I have this question for much have you charged for photos when you just started taking money for pictures? I'm asking because I've been thinking about starting to charge something for a while, but I've never had the courage to ask people to pay me because I've been always...
  6. Jethro

    Street cinematics first try, C&C please :)

    Some candid cinematics I took today :) I am eager to read your comments! (whole set can be found here Prague cinematic by Jetthro T at Coroflot I will be really happy if you take a look at the rest as well! :)) image upload jpg image hosting ​ hosting images png image hosting
  7. Jethro

    Fall session with friend C&C please

    Yesterday's autumn shoot with my friend - PLEASE C&C! :) (Complete gallery and better resolution can be found here: Martuccia by Jetthro T at Coroflot )
  8. Jethro


    Hey guys. So I have this little problem and I hoped you may give me some advices on how to improve and stop making this mistake :) My problem is that I tend to overexpose pictures. When I shoot I always take a shot of the scene several times with different setting (f.e. different times - 1/800...
  9. Jethro

    Bike jumping photos

    Some of my friends-riders :) C&C welcome 1. 2. 3. (my personal favourite) 4. 5. and a simple portrait bonus :)
  10. Jethro

    Which flash would you buy?

    I really want to buy a flash for my 7D and have these three options: New 430EX II (around 300$) used 580EX I (around 300$) - if I get this one will the new stuff like cables, external triggers and other things be compatible with it? used 580EX II (around 400-450$) used lenses are in good...
  11. Jethro

    Wedding photography advices

    Heya :) Our friend of family is getting married next week and of course I want to use this opportunity to take some pics. I have the 7D, 50mm/1.8 and Sigma 17-70 2.8-4 and a tripod. You think this set is good enough to make some decent wedding pics? And since we have so many wedding photogs...
  12. Jethro


    So, I have about 300$ to spend on a flash and I am complete noob on the flash field, I've never used any (except the one built in the camera). Could you guys please give me some flash tips for Canon 7D fitting this budget? What parameters are important for flashes and what should I look for...
  13. Jethro


    Only good shot I managed to take before he ran away - this buddy was afraid of people :/ (here's link for bigger pic
  14. Jethro


    Some birds from the zoo near Villajoyosa in Spain - woderful zoo, they have a show with birds like these, plus some owls, cranes and others..and they also have a camel who likes to bite bulls in their arses to make them go to the water pool they have in their shared coop :D C&C welcome
  15. Jethro

    How they steal bikes in Barcelona :)

    Came across this couple of days ago in Barcelona, thought I might share ^^ That's what I call collateral damage
  16. Jethro

    Spain HDR landscape

    Here's some HDR of landscapes in Spain, Villajoyosa - I'm pretty new to HDR so C&C welcome! :) (this is my favourite) and this is a single exposure
  17. Jethro

    must-have filters?

    Heya guys :) I have a question about filters..are there any that you think should be a part of every photographers equipment? I've never used any so I am a complete noob in this area..any advice on which ones are really useful and handy for portraits, some landscapes and nature and occasional...
  18. Jethro

    70-200 - with IS or without?

    Hello everyone. I am planning to get me a 70-200mm lens as soon as I'll put together some cash. It's going to be either Canon L or Sigma. What I am not sure about is wheter I should get a lense with IS or my Canon 7D will be fine with non IS lense. I shoot mainly people and sports (bikes) so if...
  19. Jethro


    So, my friend wanted me to take some nice pictures of her so she can post them on facebook, put them in a frame and give them to parents and grandparents and stuff..anyway I actually dont care, I just really enjoyed taking them :) Any comments and criticism are welcome! 1. 2. 3...
  20. Jethro

    Greetings from Prague

    Hello everyone, since I'm new here I'd like to introduce myself a bit :) So my name is Julia, I live in Prague (Czech Rep.) and soon I'm gonna celebrate my 19th birthday :) I study at the Charles University (my specialization are languages - english and russian). My hobbies are pretty common -...