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  1. Dikkie

    Houston, we found The Tower

    Houston, we found The Tower by Bulevardi, on Flickr Breaking News! Authorities tried to destroy the evidence... but researchers provided new data... Watertowers have been found in space. I have to admit... it's a collage, made in Gimp ;) I shot the watertower back in 2020, right here and here...
  2. Dikkie

    Persian Pearl

    Persian Pearl or Eastern Star. Stay hard, Goggins 😉💪 by Bulevardi, on Flickr
  3. Dikkie


    Jihane by Bulevardi, on Flickr It's pretty unusual for me to get offered a free cup of coffee on a monday morning in Brussels, and drink it with a wonderful lady like the one above! Still can't believe I was in that situation :) She asked me for more photoshoots later on this year, but I'm such...
  4. Dikkie

    TGV InOui

    TGV InOui by Bulevardi, on Flickr In Brussels Midi station, last sunday. :)
  5. Dikkie


    Watertower by Bulevardi, on Flickr
  6. Dikkie

    Stay in line please.

    When shops were opening again last month.
  7. Dikkie

    Summer in the city, beneath a swamp oak :)

    Shot with a Helios 44 2 lens.
  8. Dikkie

    Do you believe in special powers you can't control?

    I believe in weird coincidences or synchronicities... e.g. you wake up in the morning lying in your bed, with a funny song in your head that you haven't heard for over 20 years or so, bringing back nostalgic feelings. You get up to prepare your breakfast and put on the radio.... suddenly that...
  9. Dikkie

    Holy Bomboloni !

    Holy Bomboloni by Bulevardi, on Flickr Hi all ! Just release my latest song Holy Bomboloni last week. You can check it out via different streaming platforms, choose wisely: Recorded in Linux Mint Xfce Daw: Reaper Synths with U-He Hive Guitar effects with Mod Duo...
  10. Dikkie

    Wonderful Walk

    Schone Godweg by Bulevardi, on Flickr A very nice route to walk :) This hiking trail is stuffed with all kinds of adventurous walking positions you can imagine. No rewards at the end 😛, just go ahead, don't talk the talk and walk the walk 😎 The picture above is shot with my Xiaomi Pocophone...
  11. Dikkie


    Hi all ! Today I released a new song called 'Distrohopper'. It contains both techno, new beat and (post)rock. Not the best combination, I know. But it happened that way. You can check it out via different streaming platforms, choose wisely: @bulevardi Recorded in Linux Mint Xfce Daw...
  12. Dikkie


    Herne by Bulevardi, on Flickr Just a couple of miles away... went off there with my bicycle!
  13. Dikkie

    whether you like it or not...

    .... I'm going to post it. It's my Hoya Kerrii succulent plant that is blooming with a gorgeous flower... And now that the fly was sucking some fresh nectar, I couldn't resist taking a picture. OK, it's not sharp... didn't use a tripod. But I just couldn't resist taking the picture...
  14. Dikkie

    Skylines through time

    Brussels Skyline, 2005 - 2010 - 2013 . The first one is shot back in 2005. It's not that long ago, but the skyline certainly changed a lot since then. You'll notice a lot of new buildings missing here! . I was using the Lomo LC-A at that time and for some reason put in some expired roll...
  15. Dikkie

    The SuperSpreader

    Ok sorry, it was just a funny selfie I was doing there ;) I always loved those green 'meeting point' signs. Wanted to do something with that :) Cheers! And stay safe you all :)
  16. Dikkie

    Basketball Courts Appreciation Society

    King Hendry's Court by Bulevardi, on Flickr Where in Halle ? by Bulevardi, on Flickr 【t h r e e s o m e 】 by Bulevardi, on Flickr
  17. Dikkie

    The Tower & The Tiger

    You can find the small video teaser here. Or find the whole song here :) I love creating melodies, recording stuff, making cover artworks and combine it all with photography and editing. Enjoy :)
  18. Dikkie

    Commuting back home

    Since a few months I have a new mobile phone, the Xiaomi Pocophone. It was an end of series budget model, but I wanted it because of the ability to shoot at 100 ISO and the stock camera can be set manual, allowing shuttertimes to 32 seconds. Alas, the aperture can't be set and stays at F1.9 so...
  19. Dikkie

    Railways By Night

    Herne Railway Station by Bulevardi, on Flickr I go through this station nearly every day when commuting to work. Enjoy the ride and the view!!
  20. Dikkie


    Always nice to scan negatives from back in the days... a journey through Finland in 2006... This is Näsinneula, an amusement park, shot in winter when I was walking on a frozen lake: And no, I don't mind the dust and scratches from the scan.