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    Stillness after the storm .:HDR:.

    cool shot. the terrain looks pretty brutal
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    Looking Down On Humans

    was anyone killed in the shooting of this shot? just curious, because I heard that someone died today while hanging themselves.
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    Stormy Weather

    cool shots. I love storm shots. Could've produced a small tornado possibly. Cool
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    Night in Lake Geneva, WI

    Lake Geneva is such a great place. Plenty of shops, boat tours are cool, nice restaurants. THere are many celeb homes here, and it isn't as busy as LA or something similar. Here's some shots of some shops and things along the sidewalks. C&C on my night shots so I can improve future night shots...
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    My makeup for a party tonite. Check it out

    what kind of explaining? It is a real picture of a real guy, not fake, with real puky drool.
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    First few pictures with D40

    those are great shots. Have fun with that D40, you can really do alot with them.
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    Landscape shots not working out :(

    get a polarizer filter as well as lowering ISO
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    My makeup for a party tonite. Check it out

    This is a guy. Notice his tasteful puky drool. You are welcome.
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    Do I scare you?

    that's good, at least he likes it. I didn't mean anything negative by it, so don't take it the wrong way.
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    Do I scare you?

    Do you scare your boyfriend with that look?
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    Chicago street (b&w)

    I live like an hour and a half from chicago. I need to go there this year to take some photos. I was there for a redwings/blackhawks game (redwings fan here) and I went to two museums. Need to hit the streets! cool shots
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    Philly buildings

    cool shots. I lived in that building, The Bourse
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    Guess why I'm not shooting for awhile?

    I'm a doctor, now what I recommend you doing is taking a sharp knife, ok, and slicing up the anterior side of your finger, this will release the blood, and you will be relieving alot of soreness as well. After this self procedure is completed, take a propane tank (if you own one) and drop it...
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    he watches us always

    we recognize faces in almost everything we see. it's in our instincts, required for survival in a more primitive time. Nice shot though, you can really make out a face there, or maybe a man with a bird's beak...
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    Do I scare you?

    For a more intense outcome, you should have stabbed yourself in the shoulder, or you could have cut the skin off your face and have taken the picture, then we'd be scared.
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    Please critique

    the shoes creep me out for some reason. Old looking things just give me the chills, some psychological connection I guess, an unconscious one.
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    Viva Las Vegas!

    in the "Belagio Fountains" picture I would like to see it cropped, so the building on the right is not in the picture. Nice photos!
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    New D40 Help

    well let me say congratulations on getting your D40. I also love mine. Well, go out and have some fun, it sounds like you already have been!
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    Basics critique

    in #1 it is a bit noisy. What is your ISO setting? To me I am having difficulty focusing on the picture. I like #2, you could have messed with some saturation here, increased it to make the picture "pop" more. It should bring out more green in the plants, and more red in the dirt. Just mess...
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    1 shot with my friend Linh

    hot, that's all I can say!