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    Memorial Day

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    URTH camera straps.

    Hello Any user opinions or reviews on the URTH camera straps? They do appear to be quite similar to the Peak Design straps. Thanks
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    Foggy Morning Run

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    Nikon D750

    Hello I purchased the SB-500 flash to use with my D750. I have heard and read that I have to set the flash exposure compensation through the camera body. However, I cannot seem to find that function in the camera menus. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you
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    Delta 400 vs T-Max 400

    What do you all think of the two films? I loved Neopan 400, and have migrated over to Delta 400 with nice results. Just wondering what you all think? Thanks Russ
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    Pirate Festival

    Made a few snaps last weekend at the Pirate Festival.
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    Grab snap during local street fair.
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    Abandoned Abode

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    Malibu Moonrise

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    Keeler Cemetery

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    Bodie Wagon

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    The Watcher

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    Salute to a fallen comrade

    <a href="" title="Salute to a fallen comrade-high res by quietlightphoto, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="397" alt="Salute to a fallen comrade-high res" /></a>