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    I've seen in a few links similar lenses going for anywhere from $200-6000. They seemed to be different in that the front of the lens says the same thing but includes (35mm format) after the 3.9. Seems like this lens has several variations just from looking at the links. Cooke Cine Varotal Mk II...
  2. curly

    Best monitor for editing

    Brand of PC wouldn't matter much, depends more on the components. If you go the PC route, you can consider choosing the components that you like and assembling it. This is the route I went last month and I built a pretty solid PC system for about $900. It has plenty of RAM (16 GB), a good video...
  3. curly

    Lightroom freezing in Develop module

    Thanks for the replies. I have tried running the program as administrator and it seemed to help a bit, but only prolonged the onset of the program freeze. Haha This is a new computer and first time using Lightroom on it, and I have the latest driver (released 7/15/2015), but I could try to...
  4. curly

    Lightroom freezing in Develop module

    I am having problems with Lightroom freezing up and giving me a (Not Responding) message in the top of the window. It seems to do this when I go to the Develop module and start editing an image. Anyone with this problem, and with a possible fix? This is on a Windows 8.1 machine.
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    Do you use a wireless mouse?

    I have a wireless Logitech M505 mouse paired with a Microsoft Arc keyboard at work and home.
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    Choosing a monitor

    I ended up getting this monitor on a Newegg ShellShocker deal for now. Works and looks great to my [untrained?] eye. LG 23MP47HQ Black 23 5ms HDMI Widescreen LED Backlight LCD Monitor IPS 250 cd m2 DFC 5 000 000 1 1000 1 -
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    Upgrade to Windows 10?

    Anyone here with Windows 10 having problems with video cards not working? I have seen some people complain of this in other forums.
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    Upgrade to Windows 10?

    I'm guessing I'll go ahead and update to Windows 10 while I have a fresh slate. I just built a custom PC with 8.1 last weekend and it offered me the Windows 10 update and I told it "not yet" because I wanted to make sure the compatibility with the Adobe CC apps was ok. So far so good for...
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    Sub-$100 Tripod Options

    Same here - got one recently and it seems to do fine for my needs.
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    Choosing a monitor

    Hi everyone, As I discussed in another thread, I have built a PC to use for my photo editing. What monitors would you recommend to use that are around ~$200? Is there a preference between TN, VA, or IPS panels? Other things to look for? What about the following 2 monitors - which would be...
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    Advice on building PC/backup system

    I ended up selling my old MacBook and bought the stuff for the new build. The build will commence this weekend. Will add larger drives later, but this currently matches the storage I had on the MacBook (which was only about half-full) - will backup on external hard drives for now. AMD...
  12. curly

    Advice on building PC/backup system

    Gotcha. Will add that to the list.
  13. curly

    Advice on building PC/backup system

    Thanks for the info. I will consider this, and likely would add another layer of backup. Maybe start with the SSD and (2) HDD NAS storage in RAID1, then add a single HDD (7400rpm) that is equal to the NAS backup size. Files stored on 7400rpm HDD, and get mirrored to the 5400rpm HDDs in RAID1...
  14. curly

    Advice on building PC/backup system

    Hi all, I am considering stepping away from the MacBook Pro world and building a PC for my photo editing. My mid-2009 MBP has just gotten slow and is time to either get a new one or build something else. I have also been considering building a NAS to backup files once they have gone through the...
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    Good birthday present for a photographer??

    I also have the Lowepro SlingShot in the 202 version, so it's a little bigger and not much more $ than the 102. I bought it in May for vacation, and it is now my favorite bag and I can easily carry it wherever I go. It was perfect to carry on a plane as a personal item - I was able to fit my...
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    A few long exposures...(bit pic heavy)

    I think a few of them could use straightening for vertical lines. I like #4 the best.
  17. curly

    Decent flash for Canon 10D?

    I also have the Neewer 750II. It is my first speedlight, so I can't comment on it compared to other units, but it does what I need it to do.
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    Replacing 18-55mm/55-200mm with 18-200mm

    It would be used mostly for general photos or travel. Otherwise, I would put on one of my primes. The reason I'm considering this is because we just got back from a trip that I found myself continually needing to swap between by 18-55 and 55-200.
  19. curly

    Replacing 18-55mm/55-200mm with 18-200mm

    Hi everyone, I am considering replacing my original kit lens and my 55-200mm zoom with the Nikon 18-200mm. I am wondering if anyone has done the same, or has the 18-200mm and can compare the image quality of this lens to the others? Will the only benefit be reducing the number of lenses in my...
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    Best waterproof camera under $200

    Anyone else with hands-on experience with a specific model? Seems like the reviews are mixed on the ones I have found.