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  1. Ec1981

    Trumpet vine and wild coreopsis

    1 Trumpet vine about to bloom 2 After if rained 3 Trumpet vine blooms 4 Wild flower coreopsis
  2. Ec1981

    Road trip

    These were taken while going to a family reunion, I don't have any idea what kind of car this is :) 1 Original but cropped 2 Old time look
  3. Ec1981

    Virgina rose and some kind of Beetle

    1 2 3 tried to delete the last pic but couldn't due to the number in the lower right hand corner
  4. Ec1981

    Indian paintbrush wild flower

    I took these next to a field, and they grow wild here in Oklahoma :)
  5. Ec1981

    Couds 5-29-14

    12345 The first and 4th image has a small cluster of Mammatus clouds, the 3rd pic looks like a face and last I used sepia :) all taken from my front yard :)
  6. Ec1981

    Cactus flower and cactus spines

    Matucana madisoniorum Ferocactus Pilosus or Mexican fire barrel cactus
  7. Ec1981

    Full moon, moon flower

    Full moon = Moon Flower I thought this would look cool Both of these pics are mine, I love taking pics of the full moon :)
  8. Ec1981

    My Cactus flowers

    These I took over the weekend
  9. Ec1981

    Catclaw sensitive briar

    These are growing in my yard, I edited 2 of them, and one is the original
  10. Ec1981

    Tickseed wild flowers

    Here are some pics of Tickseed, Coreopsis Lanceolata
  11. Ec1981

    Bearded Iris with brown thrasher bird egg

    I thought this would make a neat photo, the Brown Thrasher bird egg was found in an abandoned nest.
  12. Ec1981

    Yellow Swallowtail butterfly

    I finally got to get some photo's of one of these butterflies, and it actually let me get a close up shot so here they are :)
  13. Ec1981

    Horses by pond and pretty sunset

  14. Ec1981

    Butterly on Wysteria tree and toad in cactus garden

    This is a yellow Swallowtail butterfly enjoying my Wysteria tree Toad on rocks in cactus garden
  15. Ec1981

    Palms,,Pinwheel plant, Iris

    These are purple Iris Majesty Palm Sago Palm Pinwheel plant
  16. Ec1981

    Outdoor pics

    I took these yesterday, Silver Maple, an odd piece of wood, and Buckthorn leaves. Wysteria in full bloom, a rock with some kind of holes, and a cloud pic, that I thought was neat :)
  17. Ec1981

    Total eclipse pics

    These are pics of the moon I took last night and the last one was taken with my telescope and it was 30 degrees so my telescope was fogging and I had a hard time getting a good shot, anyway it was very beautiful and I enjoyed it so much :)
  18. Ec1981

    Silver Maple against blue sky and Wysteria tree

    These are photos I took yesterday, of my Silver Maple, and Wysteria tree :)
  19. Ec1981

    Bumblebee on Wysteria

    Here are some pics I took tonight of a cute little bumble bee on my Wysteria tree, :)
  20. Ec1981

    Some Spring photos

    these are pics of my Wysteria, who finally decided to wake up :) Daffodils, Red Bud tree, and storm cloud from last night, and the green is sedum enjoy :)