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    So, my wife went shopping and made the mistake of taking our six year old with her. Our daughter spied some super hero costumes on a rack and wasn't going to go home without them. Both of my girls wanted "superhero" photos in their new costumes. Of course, getting them to settle down...
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    Vintage Bulb Selfie

    So I've had these vintage bulbs and hanging sockets on my wishlist at Amazon for a while. This past weekend I got a notice on my phone that they were on a lighting deal, so I naturally had to buy them immediately. When they came in I figured I'd try and set them up to get a feel for how I...
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    Playing around with some new kicks and my smoke machine last night: Nike FingerTrap Max Trainer by tltichy, on Flickr
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    Mass Ascension

    So we took the kids to Albuquerque for the International Balloon Fiesta. We only stayed for one day because we had to get to Tuscon, but it was definitely worth doing. According to the announcer there were over 850 balloons that went up in the morning during the mass ascension. It took...
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    Star Trails Over Joshua Tree

    Went out last night to shoot some star trails in the park. There's nothing like setting out a beach towel and reading a book under the stars while the camera snaps away and the coyotes hunt mice and rabbits in the brush. ;) Star Trails Over Joshua Tree by tltichy, on Flickr
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    Headless, but Without a Horse

    Just killing time around the house. Headless, but Without a Horse by tltichy, on Flickr For those who are interested:
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    Moon rising over Yucca Valley

    I took my girls out hiking around in the hills behind our house. It was really an excuse to be out with the camera when the moon came up (and to explore for local photo spots). :icon_cool: Moonrise Over Yucca Valley by tltichy, on Flickr
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    The All Seeing

    What do you do when you can't sleep the there's nothing on T.V.? Fire up the lights and take a picture. I originally wanted this image to be part of a composite but I couldn't get the comp to look right so I ended up leaving it alone. All Seeing by tltichy, on Flickr For those who...
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    Joshua Tree National Park at Night

    A few light painted images from Keys View in Joshua Tree National Park: Joshua Tree at Keys View by tltichy, on Flickr Moon Setting Over Keys View by tltichy, on Flickr Twisted Shrub at Keys View by tltichy, on Flickr
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    OOH Look! Some Big Rocks and Some Stars!

    A pair of images from Arch Rock at Joshua Tree National Park: Joshua Tree National Park: Back of Arch Rock at Night by tltichy, on Flickr Joshua Tree National Park: Arch Rock at Night by tltichy, on Flickr
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    Amelia and Natasha: Spring Recital Outfits

    My daughters "butterfly" costumes from their end of year (beginning of summer) ballet recital. Amelia and Natasha: Spring Ballet Recital Costumes by tltichy, on Flickr Amelia: Spring Recital Butterfly Ballet Costume by tltichy, on Flickr
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    Yeah Science!

    To paraphrase the words of Mark Watney (The Martian): They're gonna have to science the $h!+ out of this shoot. :allteeth: Ready to Science it Up by tltichy, on Flickr Whoa! by tltichy, on Flickr Yeah Science! by tltichy, on Flickr Yeah, they geeked out at the reaction. We ended up...
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    I'm thinking about it. . . . .

    So about a year ago I was at the craft store with my wife while she was picking up some scrapbooking stuff for our girls. I noticed some little "antiqued" faux brass gears and thought they looked pretty neat. Granted I couldn't think of anything to do with them until about a year later but...
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    Oswald's Station

    Oswald's Gas Station at Christmas Time; Disney California Adventure Took the kiddies to Disneyland for Christmas since we have no family here on the west coast to visit. Didn't take too many pictures (aside from the kids of course) but I made an effort to grab a shot of this "gas station"...
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    Pink Princess Ballerinas (trigger warning: lots of pink)

    Yesterday morning my daughters dance troop had their group photos ahead of this weeks recital. Unfortunately both of my girls refused to even acknowledge the photographer during their individual shots, so my wife insisted that I get some portraits of them when we got home. So I threw an...
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    Amelia and Natasha, Holiday Photos

    Living in Yucca Valley, there isn't a whole lot around, so before my wife headed down to civilization proper for her Black Friday shopping, she hit up the few stores we have here first. One of which is Home Depot. She came home with 10 50ft rolls of LED Christmas lights. She wanted holiday...
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    The Unintentional Sausages

    Yep. I had no intention of photographing sausages. I had a completely (well at least mostly) different idea in mind when I set this up. Originally I was going for a frame that was more color and shape based rather than subject based. Then I decided I wanted the image to have a fun twist on...
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    We Can Fix It, We Have the Technology

    It's time for some repairs. For the past two years I've been dealing with a combination of ulner neuropathy and carpal tunnel in both arms. Granted I've been dealing with the carpal tunnel in both hands for years, but a bit over a year ago the ulner nerve entrapment in my elbows flaired up...
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    Stood Up

    Stood Up by tltichy, on Flickr
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    Escape Attempt

    The getaway is underway. . Escape Attempt by tltichy, on Flickr