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    How much is too much?

    Ok.. As promised here are two pics using the tube. I used my 18-55mm and the subject was nearly on the glass. Tomorrow ill go back to the 55-200mm and get some more test shots. It needs a lot of work to make it useful. But with a good stable mount and a better lighting source I'm sure I could...
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    iPhone meet jeep. Jeep meet iPhone

    Its a 94 and pure fun.
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    iPhone meet jeep. Jeep meet iPhone

    Just a pic I took using the I5. I love this XJ... AKA the MUDDER.
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    How much is too much?

    Using the 55-200mm, the focus plane to my surprise was about 1ft from the glass.????... And yes it needs a lot of light. Ill post some pics tonight when I get back home and play around with it.
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    How much is too much?

    I was board yesterday and was rummaging thru my shed looking for something to tinker with. That's when I found a shop vac tube extension. Hmmm! What can I do with this. :scratch: Then it hit me. I have some manual macro tubes I don't use anymore. The vac tube was just the right size and...
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    Which GoPro should I get?

    I have had the 3+ white version now since December. Not to pleased with its lowlight preformance. All of the current models come with wifi. And if you want the remote you can buy it separately like I did. BUT it renders pointless if you have a smart phone. Just download the gopro app. I do like...
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    My Camera Broke, No More Pictures!

    Ha! Cool!
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    A bored truck driver

    Yep! I'm bored. Sitting in a dock up here in Michigan. So I desided to take out the camera and play around with my extension tubes. This is the emblem on my steering wheel. What's funny is the guy parked next to me looking at me like I lost my mind. nothing serious here just playing around.
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    My trucks emblem
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    Yellow blotches

    Yeah I know is an old post. I've searched the forum for anything that resembles the problem I have. And this is as close as I could find. I'm getting the same blotches as the OP but only blue. Thank you for replying and be on the lookout for a new thread. I want to take some test pics for y'all...
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    Yellow blotches

    I'm getting the same thing with my d3100.. But mine started right out of the box new. And it's across all ISO's. but mines blue blotches.
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    iPad editing

    Trust me I won't. I just got a MacBook Pro 15" retina 2.7G. And believe me, my wife would be pulling my hair out if I went and did something like that.... thanks Hellen B.. That is what I'm looking for.. I tried the free version and didn't seem to have the power or tools like photogene. Looks...
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    Quick stop

    I was driving down the highway when these planes flew overhead.. Quickly scanning the area I found an airport holding practice runs for the air show taking place the following day. Knowing that the airport would probably NOT let me park a semi in the facility. I found an abandoned parking lot...
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    iPad editing

    I spend 2-3 weeks at a time out on the road. And don't feel comfortable hauling around my Mac. I do have Lightroom and just upgraded to 5. Love that program. And I use it when I'm home. Yeah you nailed it. Looking for a raw editor.. What I mean is something comparable to Lightroom.. I know...
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    iPad editing

    Is there an app that allows full editing of photos.. Already have snapseed and photogene. And a few others. Seen previews of Lightroom for the iPad.. I'm just tired of apps that focus on caption balloons and borders.. Want an app purely for editing. If I want to add boarders and caption balloons...
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    Playing with bokeh

    Thanks.. Still a long way to go
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    Playing with bokeh

    Just some bokeh and flowers in my backyard
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    The famous water drop attempt

    Well here ya go.. Yes it's another water drop shoot to add to the rest of the noobs.. Haha.. But I did find it quite a challenge. Not knowing what speeds or setting to apply. Just kind of winged it. I didn't use any flash, just two spotlights in the back and moved them around. Focusing wasn't...
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    rocketfish filters from best buy?

    I bought the same. UV and polr. I don't think they are that great of a quality. The polr only works well if your 90 degrees from the sun but it does cut glare down.. You need to rotate the filter. I found some on b&h that I'm ordering for a reasonable price.. But like mentioned above, ya get...
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    What is the grey market

    Yeah.. I read that right before I posted the question.. Thanks.. Not sure what to do. Thanks for the fast replies..