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    iPhone meet jeep. Jeep meet iPhone

    Just a pic I took using the I5. I love this XJ... AKA the MUDDER.
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    How much is too much?

    I was board yesterday and was rummaging thru my shed looking for something to tinker with. That's when I found a shop vac tube extension. Hmmm! What can I do with this. :scratch: Then it hit me. I have some manual macro tubes I don't use anymore. The vac tube was just the right size and...
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    A bored truck driver

    Yep! I'm bored. Sitting in a dock up here in Michigan. So I desided to take out the camera and play around with my extension tubes. This is the emblem on my steering wheel. What's funny is the guy parked next to me looking at me like I lost my mind. nothing serious here just playing around.
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    Quick stop

    I was driving down the highway when these planes flew overhead.. Quickly scanning the area I found an airport holding practice runs for the air show taking place the following day. Knowing that the airport would probably NOT let me park a semi in the facility. I found an abandoned parking lot...
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    iPad editing

    Is there an app that allows full editing of photos.. Already have snapseed and photogene. And a few others. Seen previews of Lightroom for the iPad.. I'm just tired of apps that focus on caption balloons and borders.. Want an app purely for editing. If I want to add boarders and caption balloons...
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    Playing with bokeh

    Just some bokeh and flowers in my backyard
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    The famous water drop attempt

    Well here ya go.. Yes it's another water drop shoot to add to the rest of the noobs.. Haha.. But I did find it quite a challenge. Not knowing what speeds or setting to apply. Just kind of winged it. I didn't use any flash, just two spotlights in the back and moved them around. Focusing wasn't...
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    What is the grey market

    Ok.. What is the difference between the gray market and the USA version? Everywhere I read its saying that there is no difference. Just price and warranty. Most of the articles are telling me that the same factories build them. Same assembly line, same workers, same specs... So what am I missing...
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    Lonely blue jay

    Just a lonely little blue jay that landed on the fence in front of my truck.
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    Virginia valley..

    I'm sitting at a truckstop in Virginia and this is what I see out my windshield.. Kind of a nice change of scenery. So I decided to take some photos.. Tomorrow I'm going to walk down and see what I can get.
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    Pointed up

    Figured it was time to point the camera at the night sky... I was sitting on a get off. (Trucker term for a exit ramp) bedding down for the night. Was looking out the window and realized I had a pretty clear night. Out in the middle of know where, I grabbed the camera and tri.. After playing...
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    How to improve this seen.

    Ok.. I was sitting in a loading dock and was looking out my windshield and thought what a great photo that would make. So I only had my phone and used that. This photo was taken with a iphone4, no editing. I pull loads from here a lot. So I have the ability now to get a great picture using my...
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    Throwing it out their

    Well here ya go. My first photo.. Besides the 1000+ pics I just randomly took of my house and wife's cat learning how to use the camera..hahaha. This was taken in one of my fields beside my house. I pointed the camera towards a faint glow over the town. f/stop 5.6,iso 100 shutter 30sec. Post...
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    Hello from the open highway

    Hi. My name is chad and I live in Pennsylvania. About me, ha where do I start.. I like to cram everything I possibly can in our short time of life. But I'll give you the basics.. I drive a semi cross country, long haul. And I have the pleasure to see a lot of things and meet great people. I...