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    3 golf shots

    Oh, I am SO not the one to give him golf tips. haha
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    3 golf shots

    These are just a couple shots I took while playing golf with some coworkers last Friday before my camera took a slide off the cart and broke my favorite lens. I'll be back in the game soon. I've just got to ship my workhorse off and get overcharged. (Note: hold onto your equipment at all times.)
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    Stuck Together

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    Puppies for sale

    Thanks everyone. Yes, they are Winston and Lucy's pups. They're weimeraners and about 5 weeks old. Somehow, I doubt I'll have trouble finding good homes. :)
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    Puppies for sale

    It's going to be so hard to sell these dogs. How am I ever going to let them go?
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    Live to ride. Ride to live.

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    10 of the most boring Talladega pics ever

    Thank you, everyone. I really was disappointed after having gone down there and didn't come back with anything. The track here in Nashville is SO much better to shoot. That is Bo Bice in the last shot. I'll post another one of him singning if you want. He's easier to recognize with his hair...
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    10 of the most boring Talladega pics ever

    I'm not even going to go into why this assignment turned out so poorly. By far the most embarrassing and disappointing races I've ever had the misfortune of shooting. Live and learn.
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    TPF Mugshots

    From left: Me, my wife, her friend and husband. Taken last night. :)
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    New Orleans

    I just got back this afternoon after spending the last few days there. Sorry for the link, but there are some shots here:
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    Day at the lake

    A few shots from this weekend. I don't know what I would do without the lake. I'm the one in the blue shorts. My brother is in the white. The girl is my sister-in-law.
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    Some of my Urban Exploration/ City Shots

    I sure would have liked to have hooked up with you while I was in the city last week. I was wondering how to get to some tunnels like that.
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    Statue of Liberty

    Got one. It's pretty hazy in NYC this time of year.
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    Statue of Liberty

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    10 triathlon pictures

    Thanks, everyone. I wish I could have taken some better ones, but I was being paid to take these types. Could be worse, I guess. Vonnagy, I'm assuming he knew someone racing. Quite a few people show up to cheer on their family and friends.
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    10 triathlon pictures

    Just a few shots from today's triathlon.
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    Staying aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive

    Wow. I gets no love on this one. That's the best "Staying Alive" rendition liquor can buy. ;)
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    Staying aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive

    Some friends and I doing our best "Staying Alive" rendition at another friend's wedding this past weekend. I'm in the back on the right.
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    Nashville Fireworks

    Jeff: No, I just shot this for pleasure. I don't work full-time for a paper anymore either. I've been freelancing for a little more than a year now. Thanks for the comments.