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    Full Frame camera for event and wedding photography, a must ?

    Medium format doesn't offer the same low light performance as full frame 35mm. MF digital was pretty abysmal at low light until the advent of Sonys MF CMOS sensor. MF has it's place, but low light event shooting isn't it. I've seen people shoot weddings with iPhones, doesn't mean it's the...
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    Slice of photographic heaven

    Nice. Just watched his opening video. It's pretty well done.
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    So, my wife went shopping and made the mistake of taking our six year old with her. Our daughter spied some super hero costumes on a rack and wasn't going to go home without them. Both of my girls wanted "superhero" photos in their new costumes. Of course, getting them to settle down...
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    Kings Canyon

    I'm lovin' the clouds in that first shot.
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    Please help my decision A7Rii vs 5Dsr

    Did I miss something? How did a thread about the A7RII and 5DsR turn into a thread to spam your photostream?
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    Need L bracket recommendations for Canon 6D

    The 100L is not a short lens. The 24-70L isn't small lens, and the 85L isn't really a small lens either. I've shot with all three of them on their sides, with no issues. Once I get up to the 70-200 2.8L, or the 300 2.8L, then I just switch to the lens foot plates.
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    Need L bracket recommendations for Canon 6D

    I've never experienced that. Using proper, body specific L brackets on my cameras I've never experienced any issues with vibrations, including shooting macro, where it would undoubtedly be very evident.
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    Need L bracket recommendations for Canon 6D

    Personally, I use Kirk L brackets on my cameras.
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    In camera settings?

    long exposure noise reductions takes a second long exposure with the shutter closed to find and remove hot pixels in a long exposure shot. A nice feature, but I leave it off as well. I can't even remember if it applied the information to the raw file or not. I just know that when I'm...
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    Honey bee extreme close-up

    .4 second exposure. You should be able to go all the way to 30 seconds in manual mode before bulb mode becomes a requisite. Simply dropping the iso to 100 should yield a 3.2 second exposure. Boosting that 2 stops should give you 13 seconds. Still doable without bulb mode.
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    Camera strap?

    Having shot with a Black Rapid for years, I'd recommend the Luma Cinch or the Peak Design Slide. They largely eliminate the swinging camera issue that plagues sling straps. As far as a wrist strap goes, You'll still want to be able to put down the camera at some point. Carrying a camera all...
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    Showing scale for large products

    You could do a photograph "in situ", showing the item displayed on a desk or shelf. This technique is used quite often to both show scale and simultaneously give an impression of the product as a high end item by arranging it in an elegant setting.
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    I don't see an L bracket listed at Kirk for the 80D with the battery grip. Come to think of it, I don't see one listed at RRS either. The issue with the battery grip is that there will be flex between the body and the grip. It's unavoidable. I got around that with my 5DII because the...
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    Best soft focus lens (or other way to get soft focus?)

    I have a Singh Ray soft focus filter. Beats being stuck at one focal length. ;)
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    Must have DSLR accessories?

    As far as straps go, I've done the Black Rapid thing for 5 years. Then I switched to the Luma Cinch. A much better strap. The Peak Design Slide works using the same concept. I have both. For just one camera I feel the Luma Cinch works better and is more comfortable. Both strap largely...
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    Lighting for jewelry (light tent & table)

    I'd advise you to head over to It's one of the few places on the web dedicated to product photography, with a large emphasis on jewelry and cosmetics, things that are small and difficult to light correctly. ;) Granted most of their stuff isn't free, but they have a page of free...
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    Spots to photograph the moon in Virginia?

    Meh, we've always called them moon dogs where I'm from, which makes even less sense.
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    Spots to photograph the moon in Virginia?

    Moonrise here will be during twilight, so . . . . . . . . . The last full moon looked like this: Moonrise Over Yucca Valley by tltichy, on Flickr Even after twilight, the brightness of the moon will wash out most of the stars, and often lead to a blue sky if you overexpose the moon enough to...
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    Spots to photograph the moon in Virginia?

    I don't understand the concern with light pollution when shooting the full moon. The thing is reflecting direct sunlight.
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    Spots to photograph the moon in Virginia?

    Have you thought about heading to DC, I imagine there will be quite a few people trying to catch it rising behind the Washington Monument.