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  1. emogirl

    d300 exposure quick please!!

    well dont i feel stupid....duh..braketing is on!! problem solved!
  2. emogirl

    d300 exposure quick please!!

    Morning everyoneeryone... I just bought a d300, upgrading from d80. My exposure is all over the map, in all modes - from frame to frame of the same subject/lighting. Nothing is consistent. My shooting data is telling me i have my exposure compensation set differently each time, though I have it...
  3. emogirl

    Another Alberta Wedding

    Brittany...havent been here in a while and I just popped my head in and saw your post! I really wished I had convinced you to take my couple in Calgary!!! Your work is top notch in every regard. Stunning pictures! I love that your processing does not look processed! Just pure beauty all...
  4. emogirl

    new logo & making an action for it

    Hi All...just wanted to let you know that I figured it out. I used the brush tool and made a preset....which is just fabulous and great control there. However, i could still not set it up as an action. And doing the volume of work i do, even the time it took to select the brush is time...
  5. emogirl

    Those who do newborn photos...

    HI Stella...check out my family portraits gallery...there are lots of newborn stuff of the gallleries is private, the password is 'derek' will find most useful as there are lots of baby togs on there....good luck
  6. emogirl

    new logo & making an action for it

    jsm, arch, markus, april...thank you!! I think that's exactly what i need to do...thanks for your help..i will give everyone's way a try and see what one works best!
  7. emogirl

    new logo & making an action for it

    my logo is a layered psd on a transparent background, so all i need to do is have my logo file open, and grab it and drag it onto my final jpeg to present to clients. doing it manually works just fine, but when i set it up as an action, it wont grab it from one file and and drag it over to the...
  8. emogirl

    new logo & making an action for it

    anyone know how??? you cant tell me you all do it one by one....there has to be a way to set up an action for it
  9. emogirl

    First time posting for CC!

    your individual shots are much stronger than your group shots.... the first shot, i like the concept, however, it think you would have made use of the tracks by having them walking on them, holding hands, maybe dad holding the youngest... the second shot, whether the girls are posiitioned...
  10. emogirl

    new logo & making an action for it

    Hi All...i need a little ps help. For the life of me, i must be missing something and cant figure it out. After 15 years i finally had a logo designed and love it. However, I want to use my logo as my proofmark on my pictures and run it as an action. I have the logo as a layered psd on a...
  11. emogirl

    little girls (9 pics sorry)

    kathi...#2 ROCKS, though they are all beautiful, with some minor colour casts and that fleck of skin flake to change! LOVELY! MichaelT.....jpeg's degrade as you open/close/manipulate them....i never manipulate jpeg images. RAW gives you so much more working room than a jpeg image!
  12. emogirl

    Family Shots

    you know better than to wear stripes!! LOL ...good job, agree with the nit picks by MichealT, however, when shooting big groups with kids, sometimes you just got to take it the way it comes! I once had a bride berate me over her group shots because of the 32 people in the shot, the BABY wasnt...
  13. emogirl

    My not so Lunar Eclipse Shot

    that is one of the nicest sunflower shots I have ever seen...LOVE it!
  14. emogirl

    lunar eclispe, Newfoundland.

    nice shot!
  15. emogirl

    USA East Coast Lunar Shots

    agree might be slightly too long a shutter speed, but judging by the slight halo, i'm wondering if it wasnt camera shake...did you use a tripod?
  16. emogirl

    Missouri Lunar Eclipse

    i love the way you did your phases...i only did one with 3 phases and i put them in a straight line...yours are better, makes more sense have the curve!
  17. emogirl

    How do you do it?

    exactly what big mike will fidn when you are starting out you will get that question alot... simply put, they were not up to your standards and leave it that. stick to your guns!!! only show the best. as for packaging...i dont do fancy packaging....i mean weddings proofs are...
  18. emogirl

    4x6 vs 4x5

    its not a problem..just got remember that when you are shooting!
  19. emogirl

    Need a replacement photographer 2/23/08!

    try on lots more pros on there..wish i could help you out, but its bit of a drive!
  20. emogirl

    I love snow....well, not really but it was fun!

    #3 is so hot, i would have that one big over my bed!!!!