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  1. pthrift

    Daily Essentials-

    I've been meaning to do a shot like this forever and never seem to take time to get around to it. C&C welcome but not necessary. There are flaws- I rushed the shoot too much. click for larger in flickr
  2. pthrift

    Shot of a shot...

    So long exposures can be dull waiting, but I did do this while I was waiting and thought it was pretty neat. This was taken with my OnePlus One of my Nikon D7000 & the Lee Filters Big Stopper. See what I sea? by patrick.thrift, on Flickr
  3. pthrift

    New Stuffs! Lee Big Stopper, Tokina 11-16/f2.8

    So I recently sold a camera and a couple other things on ebay and took the cash and reinvested it into more gear. I got a really good deal on a Lee Filter foundation kit+ the Big Stopper, and I picked up a used copy of the Tokina 11-16/f2.8. I've taken a couple shots here and there but with...
  4. pthrift

    Lee Filter System questions

    Well I finally bit the bullet and bought into the lee filter system. Found a great deal used on eBay with a Big stopper; the foundation kit; a holder; and a 72mm adapter ring. I will have to get a new adapter as my current wide lens is a 68mm and the ones I'm looking at are 77 & 82 respectively...
  5. pthrift

    sold. delete please

    Sold. Mods delete?
  6. pthrift

    Myrtle Beach Wedding Photographer??!??!!

    OK so here's the deal. I'm getting married in Myrtle Beach SC in April of next year, and have most of the details ironed out. However, I need a photographer. Not being from Myrtle Beach, all I can do is google for photographers or for wedding photographers. I get all kinds of results. Some are...
  7. pthrift

    Sunrise at the Beach-

    Went to Myrtle Beach last weekend on a trip to do some wedding planning (getting married there in April of 2015). While I was there I tried getting up every morning to shoot the sunrise, these are my favorite from the weekend. This was the first time I've ever tried any longer exposure...
  8. pthrift

    OnePlus One shots

    Anyone here own a OnePlus One? I got mine a couple weeks ago and have tried doing some photography with it while I was at the beach over the weekend... Springmaid Pier, Myrtle Beach SC. | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Edit- still dunno why I cannot get a flickr photo to post
  9. pthrift

    new desktop computer? ?!

    So I'm starting to feel like its time for a new computer. I've always been a pc guy-i felt like I got more bank for my buck. My last 2 laptops have been dell xps series; and they have lasted wonderfully. But I have a different set of needs now. I'm seriously considering a mac mini; either...
  10. pthrift

    Truss Bridge- B&W Pano-CC!

    So this is my first shot out with Silver Efex, I've heard a lot about it and wanted to try it so I grabbed the 15 day trial and went to work on a set I shot earlier this afternoon. I'd love some feedback on both the image and the post-- Thanks This is a former railroad bridge converted to...
  11. pthrift

    the photographer's eye version??

    So I'm ready to purchase the photographer's eye, but looking at amazon, they have the photographer's eye, (c)2007, and then the photographer's eye:graphic guide (c) 2013 Now amazon says its the same book only updated. My question is which one is most beneficial? Are they truly the same...
  12. pthrift

    Museum Of Man, Casa Del Prado--So Cal

    I was in Cali back in February and basically had a week free to shoot whatever I could hoof it to. One day I went to Balboa Park, and honestly didn't leave myself enough time. I greatly underestimated how big this space was...I didn't get to go inside a single museum. When I got home I had...
  13. pthrift

    11mm vs 18mm stitched

    So I'm curious as to what the difference is between the end result of say a 10-11-12mm FOV in a shot and say two 18mm shots stitched together. I've seen people reference it before but is it that noticeable? I typically prefer to shoot landscape pics, so I'm debating the Tokina 11-16 vs keep...
  14. pthrift

    Cavernous Shots!!

    So I asked for help the other day looking for advice before I head into the caverns. I didn't make it to luray caverns, instead we made a shorter trip to two different sets of caverns. My little boy is 6 & we didn't know how he would respond to the caverns (ie scary or etc) so we stayed closer...
  15. pthrift

    Very First Time Birding, please CC?

    I received my Sigma 150-500 on Tuesday and have been chomping at the bit to get out and try it. I've never even have thought about taking bird photos before (and bought the lens more for zoo stuff) but I thought I'd try a blind hand here. The ducks on the riverbank in town are docile because...
  16. pthrift

    Cavern photography questions

    Curious as to suggestions for cavern photography. Thinking about making a trip to luray caverns tomorrow or Tuesday; and I'm wanting to take some photos while I'm there. Im not sure if I should take more than my two fastest lenses (a 35/1.8 & 50/1.8) do I need to take a tripod or flash...
  17. pthrift

    Ken Rockwell. I should have known better. please read.

    Soooooo..... This makes the second time I've messed myself up by putting too much trust in Ken Rockwell and his info. My original mistake was when I first got my DSLR, I only had it maybe a week before going on vacation. I googled as much as I could to get tips and info and such, and came...
  18. pthrift

    Sunrise in Myrtle Beach

    5 Shots from Myrtle Beach a couple weeks ago. 1. Dramatic Sunrise by patrick.thrift, on Flickr 2. Pier at Sunrise by patrick.thrift, on Flickr 3. Runner by patrick.thrift, on Flickr 4. Thru the sea grass by patrick.thrift, on Flickr 5. Big Sun by patrick.thrift, on Flickr
  19. pthrift


    Frogger decided to make a guest appearance at work tonight so I thought I'd take it as an opportunity to take some portraits of him... Shot with a galaxy s4 Sent from my Samsung Galaxy S4; probably while slacking off at work
  20. pthrift

    Guests At My Birthday Party!

    So my birthday was this past Saturday, but I had to work all weekend (12 hour night shift-I get off at 7am) I get home to find my Fiance & her (our) son have a surprise birthday party planned for me, with a bunch of guests. Normally after I've worked all night I do not want a house full of...